Your Blue Room

Your Blue Room is a song that has a big trigger for me, every time I hear it I think the words “Hey Frank? Frank?” and if you know 360, you know why.

The song comes in a little slow, kind of dreamy, much like the rest of the Passengers album. What’s the word, experimental? It actually only picks up once the bass starts playing, up until then it’s kind of okay to listen to, but the bass makes me sit up and listen.

So we’re going to a blue room with Bono. He’s going to ask us questions. The future is just hanging there. But then he’ll be back one day. He hopes he remembers where to go, which would be a good idea. Not sure if I’m making myself clear by these lines, the point I’m trying to make is that the song is just so random, meaningless. I can’t make head nor tails of it. I don’t think I’ve been this confused about a song all year long. I’ve looked at the usual suspects, religion, love, sex, the things they usually are talking about, and none of them make sense. It’s a whole disjointed set of words, there’s no

I’ll be honest I have no idea who is singing the backing, and no idea what they’re saying. I assumed it’s Eno, but the internet says it’s Bono. In the live version they had Sinead O’Connor singing it, so if it really is Bono then why doesn’t he do it? Maybe to get

But you get some lines from Adam at the end, which is an extreme rarity. Although to be fair he sounds a little weird, not just the accent, but like he’s half asleep (or something else, but I won’t make any allusions there).

There’s also a twang right at the end of the song, and that makes me think of Dire Straits.

So during 360 they filmed some stuff with astronauts on the International Space Station. That version is the one I see and hear when I think of the song, they’re showing clips from space, words from astronauts at the start. Then they go to various videos from space as Bono sings (with Sinead), and at the end Frank De Winne says Adam’s lines (and interestingly the camera cuts to Adam at the start of the words) then leaves, and Bono says “Hey Frank? Frank?” at the end. There’s also the bit where Bono’s singing “soldier boy,” and I have no idea what that’s from (U2gigs says snippet from Hands That Built America, but it’s not, although it ends with him saying “America” so I can see the confusion), but it sounds interesting and good.

I would probably have given this a five for the music and the feeling, but the whole confusion over the lyrics and the point of the song makes me drop it some. You can’t live by music alone, unless you’re an instrumental, which it isn’t.

My rating for Your Blue Room: 3 / 10