Xanax And Wine

I reviewed Fast Cars way back in January, it feels like so long ago and I completely forgot what I wrote then. Going back and reading it again, in preparation for reviewing Xanax and Wine, I see that I already mentioned it in the Fast Cars review. But that’s okay, I wanted to talk a little about Xanax and Wine anyway. I said at the time that I preferred Xanax and Wine to Fast Cars, and that is still true today. 

The thing is, these are essentially the same song, with Xanax and Wine being an earlier version of Fast Cars. So why review them separately (other than the desperate need to add reviews to the list) instead of together. It is mostly because there is just enough of a difference in them that I get a feeling of them being two separate songs. It’s like when you listen to Miracle, on the album Bono sings “we got language so we can communicate” while live he has been singing “we got language so we cannot communicate,” and it gives a whole new feeling to the line. Can’t say that the extra verses give such a reverse distinction, but certainly there is a feeling that is different.

The difference comes in the verses that begin with “Take me, save me from myself” and that line is delivered with a kind of wail, a kind of drifting sound. It is interesting, I really like that bit for some reason. I guess they were trying to keep the song going fast (as in Fast Cars), which is why they cut these bits out. They act as bridges, dropping into a slow little gap in the song, and I think that actually works better than what they ended up releasing.

I gave Fast Cars a two out of ten, and that might be a little low, but then I’m giving Xanax a four so maybe the two was okay. Although since the difference is only a couple of verses, that does seem a little excessive in the difference, so maybe Fast Cars should have been a three instead.

Looking forward to Belfast tomorrow, I will be trying to listen to it on Mixlr, most likely. It is going to be a very emotional show no matter what. I managed to see part of the HBO show from Paris today, it has been pirated or snuck out onto YouTube (it could be gone by now, I haven’t checked this evening). It had some issues, there were a few glitches (could have been my phone connection), but it was good. I was surprised to see some of the changes, for example the start of Miracle with the lights on, I don’t think I’ve noticed that before. Every other show I’ve seen they were out except for on Bono, and then the band kicking in. But here the rest of them were just standing on the stage, twiddling their thumbs while they waited for their cues. Has this been happening a while? Like I said, I don’t know, I’ve only been listening to Mixlr lately, not seeing any videos for a while.

My rating for Xanax and Wine: 4 / 10