I sit here tonight hunting streams, listening to iHeartRadio, and refreshing Twitter every ten seconds. Yes, that’s right, tonight is the night for the new tour. But while I want to be there, and am there in spirit, I have to write, and today I jump back in time some thirty years to the Innocence part of the band’s life.

Wire came off The Unforgettable Fire, one of those songs on the weaker side of the album. I’ve never really understood it, it hasn’t made much sense to me over the years. Like so many songs on the album, it has what I consider to be disconnected lyrics, another stream of consciousness that Bono was into at the time. Okay, so the song is about drugs, I’m not too hip on that topic (and never was) so maybe it is all over my head (or under it). But once again even though it’s a stream of consciousness, it is way more connected than anything I could do, and maybe it’s making sense for someone who is under the influence.

Starts with a little light guitar that gets louder and faster, a little jagged edge you might say, as the rest of the band kicks in. Then Bono comes in and everything else calms down a little, which I think is something that doesn’t happen very often in real life. But then he takes it up again and we’re rolling. I guess now that I think about it that this is one of the rockier songs on the album, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for this album, although somewhat out of tune with the rest of it.

Anyway after all that, I end up reading through the lyrics and realizing just how many of them I actually relate to and think back on regularly. Those words that when I hear something it pings them into my head. The opening word, innocent, every time I hear that I think “and in a sense I am.” “The longest sleep,” “Such a nice day to throw your life away,” “I’m no dope,” these are all triggers for short bursts of memory. And speaking of “I’m no dope,” the very end is “Here’s the rope, now swing away,” according to U2.com, but I swear I have always thought that it was “swing on it,” which is an entirely different meaning to the end of the song. Or, maybe not.

And apologies for how disjointed this, I discovered it was impossible to write when the band came on stage, had to stop and listen. But iHeartRadio only played the first three songs, so I had to stop and finish writing this. And then of course I decided to stop again, and go find streams, links, Periscopes, anything I could. I can only say wow to the new tour, can’t wait until I see it live in person, it’s going to be fantastic. I might have to write some more on it in the next few days, too.

And sorry to any Wire fans who might have wanted me to be a little more focused.

My rating for Wire: 4 / 10