Window In The Skies

I often mix this song up, thinking that it was a combo between U2 and Green Day, which is not true, they did The Saints Are Coming together on the same release, but not this one. I really like Window In The Skies, it is a nice bouncy song, nice lyrics, and good videos. It gets a little short-changed because of how it was released (on U218), not as a full album song but as kind of an extra between albums. It might have gotten more fame if it had come on an album, although being split between How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb and No Line On The Horizon, I’m not sure which direction it would have gone. Probably Atomic Bomb, it sounds much more like that.

I don’t think there’s anything about this song that I don’t like, musically good, good video, good lyrics, it is just a fun song. My favorite part is the line “I know I hurt you and made you cry,” not for the content, but for the entire bit, the drums, the bass, the guitar and the way Bono sings the lyric, I just get… not quite goosebumps, but chills maybe (is there a difference there?) on that one line. The drums really stand out on this song, I know I seem to keep saying it, but there are times when Larry just takes over a song, and this is one of them. No, that’s not fair, because each of the parts is working together to make something better than the whole.

I always thought of the song as religious because of the title, being the windows in the sky that God looks through to see us. Especially when you get to the “Love left a window” part, with love being synonymous with God in many of U2’s songs. But really, there’s not much in the song otherwise to make it seem any kind of religious.

The song is made up of four lines rhyming in a row, what is that called? Not couplets. Quadruplets? A quick googling doesn’t give me a decent answer, other than AAAA BBBB, which isn’t very satisfactory, is it?

Two lines that I always mess up on, “The rule has been disproved” I think of as “the rumor’s been disproved,’ and “Did everything but murder you and I” I get as “murder you and die,” which also makes no sense.

They made two videos for Window In The Skies. You’re probably most familiar with the one where they take very short clips of rock stars through history, and have them sync up to the words, so it looks like a bunch of famous singers are singing the song. I love this video, it works really well. They also have a number of drummers in it, and it emphasizes the drums in the song again. And then near the end the band is seen in a crowd, watching all these stars performing the song. The whole thing is great. The second video is interesting in it’s own right, although not as fun as the first. It is kind of a surreal video, where they took pictures of the band in the old days and made them look somewhat three dimensional as we fly through various scenes from U2 history. Well done, and interesting, but like I said I prefer the first video.

My rating for Window In The Skies: 6 / 10