Where Did It All Go Wrong

Yet another of the b sides from Achtung Baby, Where Did It All Go Wrong came from the back of Even Better Than The Real Thing. Funnily enough, Where Did It All Go Wrong sounds similar to many of the songs that made the album, suggesting it was one of those source songs that you get now and then. Just like Love You Like Mad, which I reviewed a couple of days ago, that may seem to make it too difficult to put on an album, when you don’t want all the songs to sound the same. So Where Did It All Go Wrong gets relegated to a b side, and once again a song that could have made any of several other albums doesn’t get on this one.

Where Did It All Go Wrong is a fun song, it is kind of bouncy, has an interesting lyrical style, and although repetitive - which I’ve said before that I don’t like - it is repetitive in a good way, because it changes every line. The repetition of “Did you” is followed by different words each time, and my disgust with repetition is when you get the exact same words or verses repeated multiple times. In this case it works.

This is another of those songs where we don’t seem to be able to agree on the lyrics. Listening to it, and reading along with the lyrics on several U2 sites, including the official site, I hear numerous differences where I hear one word and they wrote another. There are differences between all the different versions of lyrics that I could find. Often it is just one word, but sometimes more. The most notable example is right at the end, where pretty much everyone says that the last line (repeated a few times) is “Did you lose the guy”, whereas to me it is clearly saying “Take a listen now”. I guess people should take a listen and see what they think.

Like I said, bouncy music, but it works. It all rolls together perfectly, the different parts of the band working well in sync here. Even when you get to the bridge it sounds right in line, the flow from one part to the next works just right. The bass comes in at the right points in the bridge, and also throughout the rest of the song it kind of drives much of everything. If I were to give this song a parent - or perhaps a sibling, I don’t know which came first - it would be Lady With The Spinning Head, which I’ve already discussed as being a precursor for much of the album. You get the same vibe from this song as that, the bass being powerful and the lead guitar jumping all over making the highlights of the song.

By the way, if you’re doing a daily blog there is a reason to try and build up a few of these posts in reserve, because when you get sick it’s really difficult to write when you just want to go to sleep.

My rating for Where Did It All Go Wrong: 5 / 10