We Love You

U2 has a lot of rarities in their history. I have covered a number of them, and I have more to come. But there is the occasional super-rare that has been skipped in my list. Honestly, I know a heck of a lot about U2, but I don’t know everything, and there are a lot of people who do know much more than me. So it was with great interest that I read a tweet a couple of days ago about a U2 song I had never heard of. They had played it just once live, never played it again and it never got recorded anywhere. It never got the attention that Womanfish (which I reviewed a few days ago) did, either. I don’t know why one would and one wouldn’t.

This song is called We Love You, and was played live in Antwerp, Belgium in 2001 (hence why it was mentioned the other day, because U2 start in Antwerp tomorrow). It was Edge’s birthday, and Bono said a little about that, but rather than singing Happy Birthday (as they have done a number of times, including several times on the current tour), they played this song, and Bono said a couple of times that it was Edge’s birthday song. But the song itself seemed to be a lot of noodling about, not sure if it something they were just testing out, had been playing with and decided to play it for the crowd. Pretty cool if they did.

Do I see it as a song, something they could have recorded? Yes, I think so. It is a little embryonic of course, they seem to lose their way here and there in the song, but overall it’s okay. If they worked on it some more it could turn into a pretty good song. I would think of it maybe as something off No Line On The Horizon, seems to have that kind of vibe going on.

There’s another song that has “we love you” repeated a few times, it was a live version of Beautiful Day off U22. “We love you, nothing you can do, oh sweet, oh beautiful, oh dear, sweet freedom,” sang Bono, and it’s a Croatian song called Dubravka. Not related to the song I’m writing about, but the title does remind me of it each time I hear it.

And it makes me wonder what other super-rare songs have the band done without my knowing about them. I don’t mean the songs they’ve done a cover of once or twice, but actual U2 songs. Like I ran into a song called I Love You Love while I was looking at We Love You, which U2 played once, but it was originally a Gary Glitter song so it doesn’t really count. No, I mean what are the U2 songs they’ve created, sung once or twice or a few times, but never recorded or released. If you know of any, tweet me at the link at the bottom of the page.

My rating for We Love You: 4 /10