I have to admit that my son likes this song. He likes it for one reason though, which is that he likes repeating the word “volcano” as it plays throughout the song. Annoying at times, but not that much. What’s annoying is that this is a bad song, and I keep thinking it’s because of the repeated volcanoes, but it’s more than that. This feels like a song with potential, like it could have been good, but just isn’t. I could argue that once I see it played live, it might sound a lot better in whichever version of the song that is, but I very well admit that even being live won’t help it.

Each time Bono sings the word Volcano in the song, it irritates me. He sings it in a weird way, breaking it up into the three syllables, and I don’t like it. Further to that, it sounds like he could be singing something else (I don’t know what), and so any time someone else hears it, they have to ask what it is he’s saying there. And then I have to be embarrassed to say that yes, he’s saying volcano. In other words it’s not clear or obvious.

I do feel like there’s some good lyrics trying to break out of this song, but not many of them. Basically the first two lines offer a lot of promise (“The world is spinning fast tonight, you can hurt yourself trying to hold on”) but I don’t see much to redeem any of the rest of the song. And musically it’s kind of raw, which in some albums you would call it under processed, but given the goal of Songs Of Innocence, you could actually think back to the early 80s and place the music in that era. So, for that purpose the song is well done.

I don’t know how they did the music at the start, the sort of springy sound, and yet again I don’t know if I like it. It sounds interesting in a way, but I could also take it as creepy. This song really seems to be giving me conflicting thoughts, doesn’t it? I strongly dislike the bridge, which is odd because I usually like them a lot, the little change in the middle of the song. And having just recently said that I prefer my songs to have a distinct end instead of fading away, this one goes and has a really abrupt end that doesn’t sound right at all. It’s like they were singing and playing away, and suddenly someone said cut, and they just stopped playing.

So when I think about it, I generally don’t have positive thoughts of Volcano. It is a new song so maybe it will grow on me some day. Of course, since I almost always skip over the song, I don’t give it much of an opportunity to grow. This is a problem with poor songs, you give them a short chance but they slip down the list and can never seem to make it back up again.

My rating for Volcano: 2 / 10