Unos, dos, tres, catorce! Yes, one, two, three, fourteen, everyone knows Bono’s Gaelic math isn’t that great. There are so many descriptions of why they counted like that, and yet none of them are reasonably likely other than the possibility that Bono just made an error. My other favorite was the idea that How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb was U2’s fourteenth album, and they were giving it a shoutout at the start of the album. Baloney, of course, because it was the eleventh, and even if you count Under A Blood Red Sky and the Passengers album you’re still short by one. There isn’t another one out there that you could count, at least not reasonably.

I think I love everything about this song, from the first drumsticks tapping in the song to the last moments of both drum and guitar. It has great music throughout, the lyrics are short and punchy sentences, the whole thing works really well. There are so many interesting lines in the song, if I were to list the ones that were triggered for me I could just about list the entire song, there’s a lot of words that make me think of it. My favorite line, which I think may be a lot of people’s favorite, is “girl with crimson nails has Jesus round her neck,” that line is very poetic but also very descriptive. I can just imagine that girl in my mind’s eye, just from this one line.

The guitar is especially good for me, I’ve never played the song, but I really feel like I could without too much effort. There’s significant parts where Edge is just playing a scratchy bit back and forth, which should be fairly easy, right, then it steps up to the interesting parts and there’s a lot of ringing back and forth, then it explodes into the chorus. It all sounds really good, and relatively simple, I should be able to play each of the parts separately, then mix them altogether and be playing the song. I think that would work, I’d be playing it in no time. It’s not like I haven’t tried that with a bunch of other songs and not gotten very far with them. But this one, yeah.

Actually I do have a slight problem with Vertigo, and it’s that I do feel like I have heard the song a little too much. There is the feeling of a little bit of an overdose with it, or maybe like when you eat just a bit too much sugar, or a bit too much ice-cream, and you feel like you’re a little bit bloated on it. So you want to go eat something savory to try and balance out the sweetness. I’m not sure what that savory song is that balances out Vertigo, but I’ll find it someday.

Missed the entire show today, was in meetings then busy doing other things for the whole afternoon. One of the few shows that I haven’t followed anything of it, I hope nothing exciting happened. I’m sure I would have seen something on Twitter if it had, right? Back into anticipation mode though, for the show from Paris on HBO on Saturday night. I’ve seen so much of it, but it’s going to be great seeing it on a bigger screen than my laptop or phone.

My rating for Vertigo: 8 / 10