U2 3D (movie)

I am on record many times in saying that U2 live is way better than any U2 record. Even Rattle And Hum, which is a live album and live movie, has moments of non-live performances, which drop it down a little. That’s not to say everything live is better than everything recorded, but I can’t think of anything that isn’t. There are probably some live songs where I don’t listen to the song, and skip to the next, I guess some of the top recorded stuff would beat that. To emphasize this point, I can tell you that I have two playlists on my phone, one is called U2 and the other is called U2 Live. Right now the U2 playlist has 162 songs on it, and U2 Live has 40 songs. I actually have many more than that, I just chop and change on a regular basis. So yes, I love listening to U2 live.

U2 3D is a U2 concert movie, in 3D obviously, and is as close as you can get to being at a U2 concert without actually being there. Better than any of the DVDs for their various tours, better than Rattle And Hum, it is simply a live show for $10 at the theater instead of $100 at a concert. The part where the camera is flying over the stage from back to front, above Larry then across and above Bono, is just fantastic. That is my singular memory from the movie.

A great set, although at fourteen songs it is way too short. I prefer my concerts to be twenty-five or more, and sometime later this year in one of these reviews, I’ll create my perfect setlist (it might be a couple hundred songs long). But it is a good look at the Vertigo tour, even though looking at the setlist I can immediately pop a few obvious songs into it. No Still Haven’t Found? No Walk On? Well, they have said they don’t want to be a greatest hits band.

And yet I confess I only saw it once. I wasted too much time before seeing it, saw it one time and then it closed. It is not available to purchase, I don’t know of anywhere that it shows in theaters nowadays, and reportedly they have no plans to release it. I don’t understand that. Sure, the technology is advanced, but there are now people with 3D TVs, why not make it available for them? I’d almost be convinced to buy a 3D TV just to be able to watch this movie (hint to 3D companies, you could sell more TVs if you got the band to release the movie…).

I would normally give something like this very close to a ten. If you consider that any live show would be a ten, then this is the next best thing to being there, and even better than that, because you get views that no-one in an audience could ever get. It’s very close to that, though now that I rethink my earlier comments, I actually think I would hesitate to say it is the best U2 concert video. Mostly because it does lose something for the short set.

So how do we get them to play it again (and again)?

My rating for U2 3D: 9 / 10