Another song that rings a bell, my trigger word being the title and I always think “Twilight, lost my way, twilight, can’t find my way.” Just a short burst, but it’s there.

I have to admit to disliking this song because of some of the content. “The old man tried to walk me home,” and “In the shadows, boy meets man,” they just give off a vibe of a pedophile. Now I may be reading too much into it, but I don’t know. The whole song is essentially about being a teenager, trying to grow up and learn different things about life and sexuality. Is it an incident that may have happened to Bono? Don’t know [Okay, just went and read the Stories book entry on Twilight (technically the Into The Heart version), and he says he was approached once by a guy, but didn’t base the song on it, at least not knowingly].

Enjoyable music, since it’s Boy it’s the early days where they’re still learning to play and sing. So it is somewhat basic, simple stuff that I could probably learn to play. That’s kind of a marker for me, whether I - a very amateur guitarist - think I could play Edge’s part of the song. I’m not sure if that means that I give it a bonus - because wow, I could play that - or if it loses points - because huh, I could play that. Hmm, maybe I give myself a little too much credit there. What I don’t hear is the bass, it is very understated on this song, while the drums really stand out. I think there’s an issue with the acoustics overall, don’t remember where they recorded it but it sounds off, like they were in a bucket or something, making it sound somewhat tinny, or reflecting the higher noises back again. I don’t know.

There’s a demo version on the extended Boy that sounds somewhat different. Bono sounds, frankly, weird. Like his voice hasn’t broken yet. He does several words oddly, including right at the start he sings “I look into your eyes,” and the “your” he kind of jumps his voice on so that it sounds bizarre, kind of like he hiccuped while singing it (that word changed to “his” by the time they did the album version). Edge does backing vocals (I think it’s Edge) and he sounds odd too. And I dislike the much repeated “twilight” by Bono in the middle, glad they got rid of that. Once again I have to say that the difference between the demo version and the album, although only a year or two apart in time, seem to be light years apart in terms of improvement in all phases of the band.

Changing topics, I enjoyed the U2 chat on twitter tonight, hosted by @U2, which is my favorite U2 site. It did bring a few interesting points to me, mostly around my ten year old son’s first U2 concerts, coming up in Chicago in June. I’m going to four of them, taking him and my wife to the third and fourth shows. So I do need to get some prep in for that, like getting a setlist ready for him to listen to and have an idea of what they will play. Not that he doesn’t already know many U2 songs, I’m always proud when we’re in a restaurant and he says “hey dad, they’re playing U2.” Means I raised him right.

My rating for Twilight: 4 / 10