Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World

Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World is one of those songs that I really like, but somehow end up not liking as much as I think I do. When I did my original rankings list it ended up a little further down the list than I thought. As I went back to look up the rating I had assigned, I started looking in the eights, and was mildly surprised to have to keep scrolling down until I found it in the sixes. Not sure if I should adjust it though. I enjoy the song, but overall I can’t say that it’s great. Above average to good, so maybe the six should stand. There does seem to be something not quite complete about it.

I am starting to reach a point where, each time I pick an item to review, I am often having some deja vu and wondering if I already did it. I have a list of things I have done and things I am yet to do, and the two lists don’t match, so I can never get an item I’ve already done, but I still think it and end up scrolling through the done list to check. I got it for this song and scrolled through. I think it’s because I am mentioning songs in parts of other reviews, although I don’t find this one anywhere else.

The beat in Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World is great. Drums are fairly dominant, bass less so, but when the bass does kick in it really makes a difference. There’s a version out there, a live version, where they’re playing at the start and the bass doesn’t go for a little bit but when it does, wham, it really brings the song to life. There’s actually a few songs where they’ve played live like that, with maybe just Edge playing and Bono singing, then the rhythm section kicks in. Most of the time it works, sometimes not - there’s a Sunday Bloody Sunday like that which works well, and another Sunday that the rhythm section never shows up, and it’s somewhat disappointing.

Obviously the song is about a drunk returning home in the morning. Waking up in a gutter somewhere, with a hangover. Probably with a wife waiting at hime, wondering where he is, wondering if this is the time he won’t be back, or if it’s the time she’ll kick him out. Not sure at all about the Dali section, that seems to be something out of character with the rest, is it a vision, a drunken dream, or what? And the famous “fish needs a bicycle” line, meaning that he’s useless when he’s drunk/hungover. As it should be. And I wonder about the source of the song, was it based on real life? Was there an incident between Bono and Ali, where he came home too late one night too many? I wouldn’t put it past him, given that he’s a famous rockstar.

My rating for Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World: 6 / 10