Top Of The Pops

A much happier story than yesterday, today we will look at the best of the best. A list of the top ten songs that U2 have produced, again in my opinion, and again we will do it as a countdown. You might see some songs in this list that surprise you, you might not see some songs and that might surprise you too. As I said, this is my list, your mileage may vary. Although if you don’t have the same number one as me, you’re wrong. Just kidding, you can list whatever songs you want when you write your blog.

10. Acrobat is a very underrated song, it has fantastic lyrics, it comes from a great album, the music is rolling along just right. I always get the feeling that it would be near the top if they ever played it live, and got the whole world rolling along with the song, but they don’t so they can’t.

9. With Or Without You is a love song, or is it? It’s great musically, a song that I actually spent money to buy the equipment so I could play it myself. It is a calming song, is what it is, and I always feel a little happier when I listen to it.

8. Out Of Control wouldn’t have been on this list a few years ago, but once they started playing it regularly again during 360 it was jumping, and again during I+E. Now I find myself bouncing along to it, listening for that moment when Edge gets out of control, and it keeps jumping the list by itself.

7. All I Want Is You is a song I loved it from the moment I heard it. There are a couple of variations, each works well although I can slowly play only one of them. Another where I don’t know whether it is a love song or not, although it is special since my wife and I chose it for our wedding. We heard it live together in Chicago for the first time this year, and it was a great moment.

6. One can’t be left out of anything, it gives me chills when I listen to it. A wonderful song, full of feeling and again I find myself asking whether it is a love song or not. I guess that’s kind of a theme here, those ambiguous songs hitting the top ten list. Might be something for Bono to think about next time he’s looking for inspiration.

5. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For is a song that has more variations than probably any other U2 show, as shown in Rattle And Hum, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a version that I haven’t liked. It has been sung by so many different groups in so many different formats, telling you that it is a universal song of love, again maybe love, or perhaps hope.

4. Walk On is powerful and emotional, and I conflate it with One all the time when I think of 9/11 and the names scrolling behind the band. Because of that I end up crying during both of them, that deep feeling of love and loss and everything. I have said a few times that I have felt more religious during a U2 show than any time I’ve been in church, and this is the song that I think of. This is the closest I think to a prayer that U2 have done, and I feel it every time.

3. Bad is about drugs, but more than that, it is about a life, as we have discovered during the current tour. But it is once again the emotion that they put into the song, the depth of feeling that is imparted throughout, that grabs and doesn’t let go. In addition, the way they twist and turn the song, adding in pieces here and there, at the points at which Edge can vamp while Bono just talks about whatever is on his mind. A great storytelling song, you might say.

2. Sunday Bloody Sunday is the most political song from a very political band. This song is personal though, and it shows through in every performance. The power from the Rattle And Hum movie version, when they are at their rawest and most openly emotional moment, is just chilling again. A fantastic song, I guess I say that a lot but this one deserves it.

1. Where The Streets Have No Name is far and away my favorite U2 song. When I began creating my original list of songs to review, the very first song I wrote in was Streets at the top spot, and never had to move it. I doubt I ever will in future either. I love Streets in all versions that I have heard, this is a song that I almost never skip listening to. Love it.