Random number generator pulls out Tomorrow, which is funny because I should have written this yesterday. I somehow switched off last night due to having other writing projects due, and completely forgot about writing this. So I’m writing it this evening, and will write tomorrow’s sometime tomorrow. That’s the issue with committing to a 365 day project, you have to do it every single day. The last week or so I’ve been inundated with other things, and this project has slipped to the back burner. I could argue that this is the 278th item in the project, but I could also argue that should mean I’m used to doing it by now. Anyway, better late than never.

My impression of Tomorrow is short and simple, the repetition of “tomorrow” multiple times. I would pretty much sing “won’t you come back tomorrow, will you come back tomorrow” over and over, and that’s about all I can retain from it. Oh, I know there are many other words in the song, but they really don’t make much of an impression, do they?

Some whining and wailing at the start, reminds me of some of the No Line stuff, then the bass kicks in and we get back to a little bit of normal. It’s actually kind of atmospheric, I guess, there is a specific feeling they’re going for, and it does get to you a bit. You know, as I listen to it a little more intently, I realize there is a whole lot of depth to the music, you can hear what seems like a hundred different instruments playing in the background. There are little taps of drums, of snares, of something, there’s what sounds like string playing around, bass pounding quietly. Then the guitar takes off, everyone steps up, and it sounds quite good as a piece of music.

The point of the song is about Bono’s mother, if I remember right it was about her death, and him sitting and thinking that she’ll be coming back at any time. I’ve heard about this feeling, that it takes a while after a loss for people to adjust to the idea of death. I have been fortunate that the deaths in my life have been to people either not that close to me (family of friends, for example), or when close family members, distant in space (easier to deal with if you only see that family member once or twice a year). It’s never easy, but there are ways to deal with it. I think listening to this song might be helpful in the future, I will have to remember it.

I listened to the show this afternoon, Barcelona 1, and it was fantastic. Yes, much of it was the same as before, they mix it up a little now and then, but the performance is such high quality every day. I love listening to it. Just the feeling of complete joy coming from Bono, from the band, from the crowd. And that same feeling extending across the ocean to me. It’s kind of unbelievable that this can happen really, just a decade ago we’d know almost nothing about the shows until we went to them, now we can watch and listen every single night. Many times I’ve said thank you to the streamers, and I say it again.

My rating for Tomorrow: 4 / 10