I still haven’t watched The Million Dollar Hotel, although it’s been sitting on my stack of things to do for several months now. That stack seems to be getting longer, and I seem to be running out of time to catch up to all of them. The problem is that too often I have taken the quick way out to do a review on a particular day, and haven’t taken the time to watch, say, a movie that lasts a couple of hours. Now I’m starting to pay the price, there are a few items that I’m going to be spending a lot of time on in the near future. Oh well, it’s all U2, so it’s all good, right?

Stateless is a song off The Million Dollar Hotel, so therefore I have no context for it and what is happening in the movie at the point at which the song appears. Anything I write here will therefore be written with the knowledge that I could watch the movie and discover that everything I write is wrong. But we’ll take that chance.

The song is interesting, it actually sounds like a number of other U2 songs, I think. It sounds to me a little like When I Look At The World, or even New York, from All That You Can’t Leave Behind, which was released just a year later. I might even hear some sounds from If You Wear That Velvet Dress from a couple of years earlier, but most clearly to me it sounds like A Man And A Woman, which came around a few years after The Million Dollar Hotel. Maybe it’s just the style of the song, something slow with a lot of bass, a lot of drums and some soulful guitar playing. Along with the ohh-ohh-ohhs from Edge in the background. And at 2:18 in the song there is a single note or sound that takes me right into Disappearing Act, I am amazed when I hear that one sound and a whole other song pops into my head.

The theme of the song seems to drift around, it has a start of being lost, having no home, but then it goes on to talk about being in the now, in the present, rather than any kind of future. And it gets interesting in the third section of the song, when the music finally takes off, and the lyrics start jumping. All of a sudden you get that feeling of sensuality, of touch and sense and that bass playing deep down in the soul. It’s pushing the weight down, the return of the gravity from earlier, the whole feeling of pressure returning from being stateless and weightless. And the very last word is hateless, which is an interesting twist and finish to the song.

So once again it is a song that has a feeling of wanting to be there, wanting to be somewhat more than it is, but it’s just not quite making it. Again the feeling is that it’s a slightly undercooked U2 song, that with a little more work it could be pretty good, but of course it won’t get that now because it has gone onto the movie soundtrack instead.

My rating for Stateless: 4 / 10