Spanish Eyes

I remember having a conversation with my brother once (when we were younger), where he said that Spanish Eyes was better than the a side that it was the b side for. He couldn’t remember what the a side was though, and I shut him up pretty quickly by pointing out that it was I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. So even though it wasn’t better than the a side, it is still a good song, probably one that barely missed the cut to be on The Joshua Tree. It’s amazing how many of those songs there are, they could almost have made a full album from them, and it wouldn’t have been a bad album either.

So what is the song about? Well, plain and simple it’s about sex. I could have said love, but no, sex is the right word. Desire maybe, although if I say desire then you’re going to think of a different U2 song. Gotta say that missed this one badly in terms of the lyrics, so many bits missed, haven’t noticed that before. Maybe they’re listening to a different version of the song than I am. Anyway, the lyrics are pure and simple about the desire for a person, presumably Ali given the way he’s talking about her. Not sure about the Spanish Eyes though, suggestions I found online seemed to think that it was an Irish/Spanish history think, although even then that may just be a rumor. Of course if he believes the rumor then that’s okay, right?

“And I need you more than you need me,” I gotta say right here that this might be a phrase that every guy in a relationship ever could say. Nailed this one Bono.

Curiously enough as I’m listening to the song, it ends and goes into the next song on the Best of 80s, which happens to be Sweetest Thing, and I am suddenly struck by how similar the two songs sound. Well, not really, but there is enough of a similarity for me to notice. I wonder if that might be a reason they didn’t make the cut, sounding too similar to other songs?

What I don’t understand is why they made a video for Spanish Eyes. It’s a b side, it never made an album, why did they need to promote it? The video is amusing, it shows the band in the American Southwest, Vegas, New Mexico, along the border. In various scenes they’re hitchhiking, or fooling around, a few shots of locations, some of concerts, others of people in the area. You could probably call it a road movie, I guess, maybe a shortened version of Rattle And Hum, or a preliminary version or something that kicked off the idea for the full movie. Yeah, I doubt it. Anyway, watch the video, it’s fun, a little slice of life for the band in that time. And when Bono is talking and the microphone falls off the stand, his facial expression is priceless.

My rating for Spanish Eyes: 5 / 10