Song For Someone

Two somewhat dreary songs in a row, but at least this one picks up now and again. Song For Someone is a love song, or at least is purported to be. It has one great line - the first line - but the rest of it kind of meanders back and forth, although it ends with a kind of interesting verse. Musically not much to speak of, one of several songs on the album (Every Breaking Wave, Sleep Like A Baby Tonight, and This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now are the others) that are really kind of similar, in terms of a bit of a drone for the most part, kind of like much of the previous album, No Line On The Horizon. I actually think there has lately been a bit of a split within the band, with Bono and Edge going off and doing much of their own thing, and this has led to a number of songs like this, that are largely meant to be played acoustically by just the two of them. There is that feeling that Adam and Larry can be left out of some of the songs without being missed too much.

So to the great line, which is “You’ve got a face not spoiled by beauty.” I love that line, I don’t know why. Maybe because it does take a second to unwrap it, because you think when you hear the word beauty that he’s saying something nice, but when you rewind to the rest of the words in the sentence you realize it’s reversed. I do also like the couple of lines around the hill of Calvary (although I keep singing hills, plural), they are sung nicely and played nicely. The buildup music to hill of Calvary is probably the best part of the music in the whole song. And I admit there are times now and then that I do find myself singing the tagline, “this is a song for someone”, along with the song being stretched out to six or seven syllables. The fact that I do sing it now and then is probably what gained the song an extra point. Most of it is somewhat forgettable though.

I’m struggling to get a religious reference in here though. Hill of Calvary is the clear choice, but it’s not much of one. Not talking about religion, or God, or anything like that. Not doing a prayer, or a psalm, or a hymn. Not referring to God as love. I can’t even make the chorus into anything specific about religion. So I’m left with the hill, but I’m not quite sure how that fits into a love song. “I’m a long way from your hill of Calvary,” as in I’m a long way from your place of crucifixion? I don’t get that at all. If you were in love with someone why would you want to crucify them? Unless you take it as meaning ending the relationship, but why would you say that? Yeah, I’m a long way from ending this relationship? Doesn’t make sense to me, I guess I’m not reading it right. Not surprised about that, are we?

My rating for Song For Someone: 5 / 10