Some Days Are Better Than Others

I’m not sure how I feel about Some Days Are Better Than Others, it’s one of those songs that sometimes it is enjoyable and other times a bit irritating. It seems to be a whole bunch of sayings, glued together with the words “some days,” which really kills me on the repetition thing. It’s intended though, so that makes it better, I suppose. But then again maybe that’s why I switch back and forth on the song.

It’s a weird bass sound on this song. Hard to describe, but if I was to try I’d probably say that it sounds a little whiny. Is that even possible, for a bass to sound whiny? Maybe moany would be a better word (if it’s a word at all), I think a bass can certainly sound moany. The guitar is not really noticeable unless you concentrate on it, in which case you realize it is off tripping on something, doing some weird stuff. There’s also a point about halfway through where the guitar goes even more crazy, screeching out for a few seconds, and that’s really just annoying. It comes back again at the end

So to the lyrics, every line is a switch up of the words. You know what I mean, right, like the very first line is “Some days are dry, some days are leaky,” taking the two opposites and pushing them together. And it happens over and over. I’m not really sure what the point is for all this. Just finding opposites to make a song out of? There’s really no theme other than that. If anything the theme is to say what people the world over say about the weather: “if you don’t like it, wait five minutes and it’ll change” (which is totally not true, for example here in Texas if you say that in June you’ll be off by three months, since the weather from June to September is exactly the same: hot). Point being that it’s just pointing out switching back and forth between options and days.

Zooropa itself wasn’t a complete dud, I have it graded slightly below average compared to the rest of U2’s albums. The problem was that it was a big letdown after the highs of The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. It ended up being a kind of leftovers album after Achtung, and many of those leftovers were mediocre. Some Days Are Better Than Others is one of those songs, a leftover that has barely been warmed up. If it had been a b side to something it might be considered decent. Maybe if the music had been a little different, a little more bouncy or a little faster, it might be okay. I don’t know. It does feel like some of the songs that appeared on something like the U2 7 mini album, fun little throwaways. Some of those ended up being quite enjoyable in their own right, and I think with some more work and a slightly different direction, Some Days might have gotten there too. Unfortunately it is what it is.

My rating for Some Days Are Better Than Others: 3 / 10