Shadows And Tall Trees

It’s funny that Shadows And Tall Trees should come out of the random number generator, having just done the Another Time, Another Place album that the fan club got. Funny because Shadows And Tall Trees isn’t on that album, one of the very few songs from Boy that wasn’t on it. So I guess I haven’t listened to it in a little while, not even live. And so it ends up being a bit of a cypher for me.

I have talked a few times about trigger words, and this one has two in the title. Shadows and trees. Yes, almost any time I hear either of those words, the title of this song pops into my head, which is somewhat sad since it means I really only know that line from the song, because it gets repeated so many times in my mind. That does lead to some frustration with the rest of the song, since I usually don’t remember it that much, and thus the one line ends up in an infinite loop. Of course, that’s better than many other songs that get in my head, because too many of them are sung by my ten year old (this week it’s a song about state capitals).

So I have listened to the song half a dozen times today, and I realize that this is a song where the lyrics don’t strike any kind of chord in me. By that I mean that even after these half dozen times, I still don’t follow many of the words, can’t sing along with the song, it just seems to fade away after I listen. Maybe that’s the problem I was alluding to earlier, calling it a cypher, it’s the very rare song that goes in one ear and out the other. So I have to go out to the internet to find the lyrics and read them and see what it is about. And I read through them and I have no idea. Really. Walking in the rain, a tragicomedy, someone’s gravestone, it just doesn’t make any sense. And it brings the sin of repetition, the title done over and over which is why I remember just that part of it.

I will give credit to the music, it’s early U2 meaning it is somewhat simple but well-done, clear guitar, clear bass and most noticeable on this song is the drums, very obvious throughout, in fact as I listened I often found myself tapping the drumline over and over on my knee. Enjoyable, like I said clear, plain, simple, good.

By the way today is the 250th day of the year and thus this is my 250th review. Just thought I’d point that out, we are well over the hump and rolling downhill right now. Racing toward the end of the year, both me and the band. Anticipation is jumping, what with the tour going on right now and the hope and dream of some announcements for next year.

Also by the way, I write this a few days early, as I am heading to the beach for Labor Day and I’m not sure what kind of internet I’ll have there. In fact, as I write I am listening to Turin 1, it is great to be back into show mode.

My rating for Shadows And Tall Trees: 4 / 10