September review

And another month goes by, where is the year disappearing to? Today is my son’s birthday, turning eleven. In the last year he’s seen two U2 shows live, several others online, and I’ve managed to hook him into a bunch of U2 music. In fact tonight as he was laying in bed going to sleep I heard him singing Miracle.

We’ve seen a few shows in Europe now, and I must say I am mildly disappointed. I really expected there to be more differentiation between the US shows and the European shows. There have been a few differences, but I wished for more. I don’t know what I expected to change. They have been doing a few things about politics in Europe vs the US, the talk about refugees has been interesting and well-received. And changes to songs. Honestly I wish that each show was more different than the previous ones. There’s the theme through the first half of the show, but the second half could be much more variable. I know they’ve said they don’t want to disappoint people by having different shows, but really, how disappointing could it be? If you’re the kind of fan who would be disappointed, you’d be at every show or watching them online. And yes, I know I said I was disappointed earlier, but not by the content of the shows themselves.

I’ve been mentioning this all year long, but I am really starting to get backed into a corner on these reviews. Running out of songs to write about, because I took the easy route and wrote about a song too often earlier in the year. I really ought to concentrate and get a group of reviews about non-songs done, just so I can balance it out a little. As it is I am well below half of the reviews left being songs, so I’m going to have to work on it one way or another. Just look at this month, ten out of 29 are non-songs, should have been 15 or more.

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Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:

Miss Sarajevo 8

Mofo 1

Can’t Help Falling In Love 4

Another Time, Another Place, Live At The Marquee 10

She’s A Mystery To Me (no rating)

Pop 4.6

Shadows And Tall Trees 4

Big Girls Are Best 6

Red Hill Mining Town 8

Happiness Is A Warm Gun 1

Please 8

Always 3

Where The Streets Have 2 Names (book) 3

Rise Up 5

Original Soundtracks I


Zoo Station 6

Heaven And Hell 3

Gone 4


Fortunate Son 3

Electrical Storm 7

U2 Show (book) 9

Van Diemen’s Land 6


Dancing Barefoot 4

All That You Can’t Leave Behind 6.3

Dirty Day 6

U2 in cartoons