Hard to tell what this song is, Scarlet is a two and a half minute “song” from October. I call it a song, because song implies that you sing, right? Well, the singing that is involved in this song is simply the word “rejoice” repeated a few times, and nothing else. That makes it kind of lame, little better than an instrumental. What is really amusing is that there are a bunch of lyrics sites out there, and every single one has the lyrics printed. “Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.” Fantastic work there guys, making sure you get it right.

I kind of think of it as an experiment, that maybe went awry and accidentally got put on the album. They’ve actually done a couple of versions, there’s the one that was on the album which is kind of dull, and then they did one on the deluxe album release, which they call the BBC Session, and somehow that sounds a lot better musically. The album version sounds like it is muted, whereas the BBC one is more alive and interesting, the tones are deeper, brighter, etc, and it sounds better. Not much better, because it’s the same song after all.

From The Ground Up had Sunday Bloody Sunday followed by Scarlet, the only live version I think they have released, and it rolled from Sunday into Scarlet nicely. It was included because of the Aung San Suu Kyi release, and was really nice to hear. They had done previous campaigns about her of course, and included on a previous release info about her, so to have this as a bookend to that was well done, a happy moment to listen to. And as always the live version with the crowd singing the song is probably the best version.

Matching Scarlet in terms of rating, and in terms of being confused with each other, is Rejoice, which as I noted when I reviewed Rejoice is always confused because people think “hey, a song that only says rejoice, must be called rejoice, right?” But no, they were really thinking hard when they got these two songs named. Either that or someone mixed up the labels on the two songs when they were recorded, or when they sent them to print the album covers.

Weird is that they never played the song live until the 360 tour. We know why they played it then of course, because of Aung San Suu Kyi, but they didn’t play it ever before that? Somewhat suggests that they knew at the time that it wasn’t worth playing live, or they couldn’t play it live, or I don’t know why.

And a final note to all the people at the U2 show at the Roxy in LA tonight: I hate you and you suck. No, not really, I’m just extraordinarily jealous that a) I don’t live in LA, and b) I couldn’t win tickets, because I would have flown to LA if I could. All I’ve seen so far is pre-show photos of the band greeting the fans outside, and of the stage which looks both awesome and really small. You are all so lucky.

My rating for Scarlet: 2 / 10