Race Against Time

Oh, oh, oh, race against time. These are the words that stick in my head from this song, and the only memory I have of the song at any given time. That’s natural because they pretty much are the only words in the song, and there’s not much else that is memorable about it. An instrumental essentially, and not a very interesting one.

Bass starting off, controlling the song, tingles of other things in the background, but it’s all about the bass at the start. Then guitar comes in squealing a little. You get what sounds like “hola” then turns into “water” then turns into “race against time.” In other words weird Bono noises in this song. That kind of repeats for the second half of the song, with mild differences but not much else. I can’t say it’s very musically exciting, or even interesting. The idea of there only being a couple of words in the whole song is odd, nothing like what Bono would usually allow. I guess this is why it was a b side, why it never made it anywhere. It seems like it was an interesting start to a song, where they got down a little bit of the music, made something of it, but never got near to editing it or to Bono adding lyrics other than a few little snatches here and there. He probably needed to listen to it a few more times before he could start putting words to the sounds.

So I can’t recommend it, and I don’t listen to it often, hardly at all in fact. If I wanted to be bored there’s plenty of other ways to do it.

What has the band been doing in the last week? Frustrating not being able to hear them on a regular basis. Taking a little gap before they head off to London for a bunch of shows, then Scotland, then Paris, then Dublin to end. Paris is going to be the big one of course, simply because it is going to be on HBO, although when they say live they of course mean a recording of the band playing live, not that it is a live broadcast. A little confusing in certain cases, like those of a band playing. But we know they’re not really live, because it is being shown here in the US in the evening, which would be the early morning hours in Paris.

I have a strong feeling that things are going to be announced over the next month or so, before the Dublin shows end. What will those announcements be? Well, there’s a rumor going around that they will start again in Europe in March, before coming back to the US in the summer. Hope that’s true. Then there’s the crazy rumor that they’re going to release the next album, Songs Of Experience, before Christmas. I’m not so sure that will happen, but it’s possible. Maybe they should release it on Star Wars day, December 18, and download it to everyone’s phones while they’re in the movie theaters, then auto play it. That would be funny, right? <Sounds of millions of geek voices crying out in anger>

My rating for Race Against Time: 1 / 10