Pop Muzik

I actually remember the original Pop Muzik, by a band called M. It’s amusing going back and watching the video on YouTube, these days they’d be torn apart for lip-synching (check the woman, needs to learn how to hold her microphone in front of her face while pretending to sing). I was a kid when it came out, it was apparently famous enough that not only do I remember the song but enough of the lyrics to be able to sing along with it (although technically I may be tainted by the U2 version).

U2 did it ironically, at least I hope they did, as part of the Pop experience. The whole Pop Mart thing was kind of hokey, what you look back at today and cringe about. They used Pop Muzik as an intro to the tour, playing it each night as the opener, kind of like they have been playing People Have The Power on Innocence + Experience this year, the walk-on music (not to be confused with the Walk On music).

They put a club music kind of theme onto the song, as you can tell by the start, a whole bunch of electronic stuff while the words New York, London, Paris, Munich are repeated over and over. Then it goes into a different kind of electronic beat, repeating Pop Musik again and again. Wow, my complaints about repetitive music this year are reaching a new high. Well, to be fair, that’s the point of the song, and I certainly can’t blame Bono, except you know, this is the U2 mix, which means it is their fault.

It gets a review because they released it on Last Night On Earth, otherwise it would be just another one of those oddities you’d hear of every now and then. Not that it isn’t, of course, it would just be even more obscure. It could be considered the throwaway at the end if you want. I certainly do.

Interesting oddity, every time I type the title of the song my Mac tries to correct the spelling to Musik. I could understand if it corrected to Music, but a K at the end is considered correct spelling?

Okay, so it’s not written by U2, not Bono’s lyrics or Edge’s guitar or anything like that. It’s a pile of crap to be honest. One of those songs where you remember it and look back and laugh at how terrible it really was, and how famous it was too. Yes, this is the kind of music that was sung back in the day, when U2 were trying to get going. Not by them, but by bands looking for that one hit wonder. That kind of music is still around though, in fact you might say it’s even worse these days, given the groups that top the charts these days. I have zero respect for any musician that doesn’t write their own songs. Thank God U2 didn’t go into this, they decided to become a real band instead.

My rating for Pop Muzik: 1 / 10