Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl

It’s an odd title for a song, Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl. Easy to shorten it to Party Girl of course. Party Girl has somehow managed to reach what can only be described as epic proportions, from a lowly b side to a song that is a fan favorite whenever it is brought out. Just goes to show you that something that was essentially a throwaway can make its own way in the world. This is a song with very simplistic music and lyrics (put together in 40 minutes according to Edge), which normally I would disdain. But somehow it works to get things going, and it seems like everyone knows the words these days.

The best line of course is “When I was three I thought the world revolved around me, I was wrong”, which every parent in the world will tell you is absolutely true of every child. Although I’m not sure any of us grow out of that idea. I often think of the theory that even though any of us may have little or no influence on the world, we all see the world through our own eyes, and to us we are the star of the movie of our life. Whatever happens to us is what we see, and everything else happens off-stage in our lives. It’s an interesting idea to think of, people being much more significant to themselves than to anyone else. That can theoretically explain much of the differences in us, on whether we can externalize that thought and realize everyone else thinks the same about themselves.

Whoa, kind of heavy for a song called Party Girl.

The song is mostly driven by the lead guitar, the drums and bass are pretty much incidental in this song. In fact if you listen to Moment of Surrender off U22, you hear them begin with a bit of Party Girl and that bit is done a cappella and doesn’t really lose much of anything. Now that the audience knows the words, they’re happy to sing along without any accompaniment. If they get any, and if it’s only the guitar, it would sound just the same.

Under A Blood Red Sky has the classic version of Party Girl, I think the one that most fans would associate with the song. Getting the crowd to sing “hey”, saying “It’s our hero” about Edge (one of those lines I often am triggered to think of), and generally looking way too young. Those were the days, huh?

The difficulty in reviewing a song like this is that, as I said at the start, it was written quickly and didn’t get much time to percolate. There aren’t any hidden meanings, nothing deep or outstanding in the song. It is just a piece of fun, a few verses tossed together with a similar rhyming pattern and a similar structure (you could swap the main character in any of the three verses and barely miss a beat). It is something that I have been complaining about for the early days of rock and roll, that everything was just so simple and so boring. But sometimes the meaning can go too deep, and you need a little break like this gives you.

My rating for Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl: 3 / 10