Original Of The Species

Back to back highly rated songs. When How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb came out, I immediately latched onto Original Of The Species, I think I played it more than the rest of the album combined. Maybe if you exclude City Of Blinding Lights, anyway, which I probably played half as much as Original, or twice as much as anything else.

I don’t know why I fell in love with Original Of The Species. The music is soft and slow, but sounds really good. The lyrics work well too. Even the video is good. It’s just a whole package, like yesterday’s Peace On Earth each part seems to be working together to make something more than the whole. Umm, something like that, right? “You are the first one of your kind” is a great line, as is “You steal right under my door.”

Original Of The Species starts with some keyboards, slow and simple, kicks it up a notch, then another. There are a couple of places where there’s this really cool twang of the guitar, barely noticeable behind everything else, but if you listen around 2:00 to 2:10 for example (and a few other places), concentrate on Edge and you’ll hear it. I love that part. This feels like one of those songs I should be able to play myself, although I haven’t even gone looking for a guitar tab for it. Maybe I should try.

The video is fun, a lot of CG which looks both interesting and creepy at the same time. I think those are Adam and Larry wireframe heads floating around here and there, although they seem to morph back and forth making it confusing. Splashes of the Mysterious Ways dancer, or at least a similar idea for it. And Bono is back into the bad lip-syncing mode that he was in many of the early U2 videos. I actually spent a little time digging around trying to find those wireframe models somewhere online, I figured they would be easily available, but no. 3D CG modeling is one of my hobbies, I’d love to get models of the guys and mess around with them a little, animate them on a stage somewhere.

I think the song is about a child, literally the child of one of the band. Don’t remember which, but I’m thinking about Edge’s daughter maybe? He had one that was very ill, and maybe the song was written around that time. It’s kind of saying that you’re unique no matter what, that you’re different to anyone else. It is nicely coincidental that I’m writing this song and about this right now, because I’m thinking of some stuff that went on for someone today, and trying to send that thought to them. Note to everyone reading this, remember Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick.”

I cannot get away from this review without mentioning Bono and his self-references. “Some things you shouldn’t get too good at, like smiling, crying and celebrity, Some people got way too much confidence, baby.” Love those lines, they always make me laugh.

My rating for Original Of The Species: 8 / 10