October (song)

Well, let’s start the month off right. We are now into the month of October, so we’ll take a look at October. We already did the album, and I didn’t rate it very highly, in fact I had it as by far the worst U2 album of all time. But today we’ll switch it up and talk about the song, not the album.

I have a new favorite memory of the song, from just a couple of weeks ago. In one of the Torino shows, I was listening on Mixlr, and as you often do, hearing certain comments from the crowd that are close by the recorder. In this case, they started playing this song, and I hear a guy in the background, with a great Italian accent, saying Octobrrrrrr. It was funny, that rolling r sound, I wish I had that on tape, I would probably keep that as my live version of the song.

I like the song, in general. It is a little slow, it doesn’t have that much going for it really. A bunch of piano, and relatively few words, it doesn’t sound like much of a selling point, does it? Let alone that it’s so short, about 2:20, and even then Bono doesn’t start singing until over halfway through. So an oddity it is.

Now, one thing I always dislike is repetition of words in a song. This song doesn’t have it, unless you count the “and on” repeated at the end, but that’s just an effect rather than an actual point. No, what bugs me here is that there are so few lyrics. I know, that’s kind of backwards, especially for Bono. It feels like he didn’t really bother, just threw a few words together for the heck of it. Why is this just a starter, and not a full song? I don’t know. You could call it filler, you could call it just an embryo of a song, but they would tend to disagree with you. I like it, but somehow I think it needs more.

Something that did amaze and surprise me was that prior to this year on the Innocence And Experience tour, they had not played the song live since 1989. What surprised me was to learn, when I looked up that fact, that I was actually at the last show it was played on, in Auckland, New Zealand, way back then. That was a very long time ago, and I must confess to not remembering it at all, or indeed too much else about the show. But with that little reminder I can pretend that oh yeah, of course I remember it, just like yesterday.

They’re taking a few days off right now, I guess they’re resting up a little but I don’t know that for sure. What I do know is that it is totally messing with my schedule, two days off then two days on. I don’t know what I’m going to do at work tomorrow afternoon, I might actually have to do my job for once. Crazy.

My rating for October: 5 / 10