November Review

So the second to last month is over, and we enter the final stages of the year. It has been a most interesting month, I have had to switch focus from song after song to doing a lot of non-songs and a lot of b sides that haven’t attracted much attention. This is a consequence of not following through on the plan earlier in the year, and having to do a lot of catchup. I took the easy route too many times, just writing a song, instead of working on all the extras that I had in the list. Now it’s payback time for me.

Like I said a few days ago, I have now made out a plan for the rest of the year, and so far it is working well. This is what I should have done earlier in the year, not necessarily planned out the whole year, but it would have been a good idea to plan each month in advance, then work from that list, rather than just randomly picking from the list of everything. This is a lesson for the future, if I ever get into a project like this again. And maybe a lesson for you, the reader, if you decide to do any kind of project, that it’s a good idea to plan ahead as much as you can.

By my count this month I got 17 songs in, which is a little below the average I was supposed to do for the year, and the result of having to catch up. If I had gone for that balance earlier I would have been around 21 or 22 songs each month, so you can see I had half a dozen to catch up on. Doesn’t seem like many, but it is. Next month is going to be even worse (but keep reading!), I think I will end up with about ten songs for the month, although much of that was pre-planned because I had long ago made a list of things I wanted to cover for the end of the year.

This month also had the first failure of the blog for the year. My aims were to a) post every day and b) write 500 words for each post. I didn’t post every day of the year, but only on a technicality, because of computer problems there was one day where my post didn’t get posted until five minutes after midnight the next day, but that wasn’t really a miss. This month I did have a miss though, I had a post that was only 200 words, that was the day of the Paris attacks, when I sat down to wrote but was overwhelmed by the news and unable to write or think much of anything. I count that as a failure, although again there is at least an excuse for it.

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:

If You Wear That Velvet Dress 6

Touch 2

Stateless 4

Linear 2

No Line On The Horizon 5.8

U2 Experience (book) 2

In God's Country 7

Sunday Bloody Sunday 10

Winter 3

Street Missions 3

Robbie Robertson

Vertigo 8

How Long? (Paris)

U2 By U2 (book) 9

One 9

Everybody Loves A Winner 2

Xanax And Wine 4

J. Swallow 1

Amazing Grace 5

Making of The Unforgettable Fire 7

From The Ground Up (book) 9

Bono's Big Year

Native Son 2

U2 Go Home 10

Angels Too Tied To The Ground 3

Are You Gonna Wait Forever 6

Million Dollar Hotel 1

Mercy 4

Songs Of Innocence 5.6