Never Let Me Go

Another song from The Million Dollar Hotel, and perhaps I’m using it just as an excuse to bash the movie a little more. The movie was terrible, and I’ll admit that I put this song on the list because of Bono, but I hadn’t heard it before listing it, and that was probably a mistake. One problem was that I never watched the movie until recently, so didn’t really know how bad it was to think about. If only I had known, but too late now.

The song is possibly the one I most associate with The Million Dollar Hotel, the one that I think of the movie as soon as I hear it. It has the talking at the beginning, of course, that’s very much a giveaway. Then it goes into these slow dark horns, which when I hear the note it is playing I think of the song Your Latest Trick from Dire Straits. I should mention that the band is the MDH band, not U2, so again not sure I should even be talking about the song.

The lyrics are really the part that should interest me, because they’re by Bono, the only bona fide U2 connection. Problem is they are so short, just two stanzas, and they are sung slow and dull. Not necessarily his fault, that’s just the way it goes. So I really can’t say that they’re good, but I do kind of like them. They feel like they could be the start of something interesting, if only he could have kept them for U2 he could have developed them somewhere.

I must say that these last few weeks have been a change of context on the blog, and it has been both difficult and refreshing. This month I don’t think even half of the reviews have been specific songs (okay, quick count, 9 out of 19 are songs), and most of them have been rare or obscure (only three have been album releases). So I’ve been digging into music that I don’t listen to often, and trying to come up with something to say about it. That’s a little difficult at times (hence this section of the Never Let Me Go review, right?), but it’s also giving me an opportunity to stretch my thoughts here and there. The other part of this month is the different non-song reviews, those have been much more fun, being able to run a stream of consciousness about a particular topic. Some are fairly specific topics, like yesterday’s look at the Achtung Baby videos, but the ones I like the best are the ones I can range widely across a subject and cover a number of different aspects of it. And that’s actually good news for me, because I am at the point now where the rest of the year is going to mostly be like that. The schedule for the last twelve days has literally just two songs in it (hint: the reason for the season), the rest of it is reviews of different things, including the last twelve months of writing here. Hang on, it may be a bumpy ride.

My rating for Never Let Me Go: 2 / 10