Neon Lights

I don’t allow comments on this site, it was a conscious decision given that my previous experiences with comments were rather dubious. In prior blogs I would guess maybe half of the comments were spam, mildly tiresome to deal with, but of the rest, a fairly sizable portion were insulting me, which is one of those annoying things about the internet. If you don’t like something, just walk away, you don’t have to be rude about it. So when I started this project, I decided simply that I wouldn’t allow comments, and if you had something to say to me about it, then there’s a Twitter button at the bottom of every page that you can contact me on. The fact that there have been so few comments during the year is interesting in multiple ways. Am I not writing anything worth commenting on, or is it more difficult to go via Twitter to say something? If the latter, then in theory the worth of the comment should be higher the more difficult it is to make.

Neon Lights is a cover of a Kraftwerk song, it was released by U2 on the Medium, Rare and Remastered fan club CD. I suppose U2 got some influence from Kraftwerk given that they were fairly well known around the time U2 were forming, and also because they spent a lot of time in Berlin during the recording of Achtung Baby, and presumably got some influence from that too. I’ve listened to the U2 cover of this song and the original Kraftwerk version, and frankly they’re both terrible.

Now, why did I make that opening paragraph all about comments? Because if you go on YouTube and check out the song, you will not surprisingly see a bunch of nasty comments. The usual few by people who hate U2 and will put bad comments on anything. A lot by Kraftwerk fans rushing to defend their band against anything (my favorite are the ones that questions the legality of U2 covering it, like they’re lawyers or something). And I realize that you shouldn’t read the comments on YouTube (every time I think of having a YouTube channel I think of the comments and it stops me), but sometimes I can’t help myself.

But it makes me think about the people who have covered U2. There have been a number of those covers, but of them I have heard very few, that is one of the things I don’t go out of my way to do. Why listen to a cover when you can hear the original? Of the ones I have heard, some have been interesting, like the variety of things that have been done to Still Haven’t Found, repurposing it to a completely different song at times. Since I haven’t gone looking, I don’t know about the YouTube comments on those songs. Are there fans who will say that the original U2 is much better? Are there fans out there trying to defend U2’s legal rights? I don’t know. I’d like to think that Bono’s comment at numerous shows about U2 fans looking after each other applies, but that can work both ways. Looking after the band means going and defending them, but defending them isn’t really necessary. They’re big enough to look after themselves. All this may be just to say be cool. Or maybe the ultimate idea is that maybe the world would be a better place if everyone would just mind their own business.

My rating for Neon Lights: 1 / 10