Native Son

I just reviewed Vertigo a couple of weeks ago, and now I get to talk about the precursor, Native Son. It is difficult to think of what to write about, when I already covered the final version of the song and therefore the music at the very least. There is not much difference between the music in the two, so I guess I could just repeat what I said about Vertigo, but then that wouldn’t be of much use. So I guess I’ll have to find something else to talk about.

In the Vertigo review I said that I felt a little like I had overdosed on the song, hearing it too many times to like it any more. What that means is that by hearing this song, the same song but with different lyrics, should mean that it feels like a breath of fresh air. Well, it does in some ways, but it doesn’t in others. This is another of those cases where the song doesn’t make the cut because it is incomplete. The music may be complete, or close to it, but the lyrics aren’t that good, and it’s clear why they changed the tone of the song and went with the ones they did. I can’t really object too much to the lyrics, they are admittedly half-baked, and if you were eating a half-baked cookie you wouldn’t object that much, because you’d be eating cookie dough.

The music being the same as Vertigo, I’m not going to cover it, with the exception that there is a slight difference at the very start. It sounds a lot like the start to Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, which is odd, since that was a decade before.

The song itself, Native Son, is supposedly about Leonard Peltier, a Native American who has been in prison for many years for killing federal agents. I have to admit that although I have heard the name, I know nothing about the case, whether he is guilty or innocent as some claim. The lyrics do have some feeling now, given all the political rhetoric around guns and police in recent months, they might have given some thought to it, but instead their meaning is lost in time.

Worked my way through the rest of the year today. Up until now I have largely been winging it, randomly picking an item to write about each day, with the exception of days that were set aside for specific items. Today, now that we’re down to about forty days left, I decided that it was time to set them all up. I already had maybe fifteen of those last forty days set, with specific things to write about (including the last ten days of the year, I had those set for quite a while). Today I went through my remaining item list and randomly assigned them to the remaining days, all the way through the end of the year. This helps a lot, and is something I should have done a long time ago, at least for a while ahead of where I was (for example, I could have done a month at a time). Another lesson learned. It helps me set up, knowing when I need to listen to things, watch things, or read things so I can be done with it all.

My rating for Native Son: 2 / 10