I’m already on record as saying that Pop is one of U2’s weaker albums. They went off on a  tangent from where they were, and it didn’t really work. Miami is one of the songs that didn’t work too well, I actually have it tied for worst song on the album, and it is probably in the bottom ten of album songs (versus non-album songs, which I don’t have ranked the same way and there are certainly enough of those that are just as bad).

When I think back to Miami, the only thing that comes to mind is “Miami, my mammy,” and that’s as much an indictment of me as of the song. After all, I rarely listen to it, so it’s difficult to remember the words, but then it is a poor song and I don’t necessarily want to listen to it. So today may be the first time in a couple of years that I’ve even listened to it, and when I did it sounded odd, like I didn’t remember any of it. 

Bono sounds odd in this song. I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s clearly him, you can tell the voice, but he’s not really singing, it’s more speaking than he’s done in pretty much anything else I can think of. I can’t place the sound though, I keep trying to relate it to some of the music that we played for my son when he was really young, one or two, but it’s not quite that. The other thought that pops is the even more odd idea of Sesame Street, there’s something about some of the songs and the way they go on Sesame Street that sticks with me. So ultimately I think my description has to stay as “odd”. Like a lot of nothing else. And towards the end he starts screaming Miami, and it’s really a bad sound. Especially since the song just fades away after that.

Don’t care at all about the lyrics themselves. There’s nothing to them, other than the description of a trip they took to Miami. It’s not so out there descriptive that it could be, it’s certainly not the mystical descriptions that he does in some of the much better songs.

The drums stand out on this song, more than most, but this time not in a good way. They’re oddly sounding too, oddly loud. I read some stuff that said they were sampled a lot because Larry was out with a back injury, so they used machines to replace him while experimenting. On the other hand, Adam is absent from this song, in that I don’t hear the bass at all. Edge isn’t much better either, because the sound is so sampled the entire musical part just ends up sounding… odd. I can’t get away from that word, can I? So embrace it, Miami is odd. That’s as good a description of the city as it is of the song.

I’ve never been to Miami and this song doesn’t help me want to go there.

My rating for Miami: 2 / 10