May review

Another month has come and gone, but this was one with a big difference, as the band began their tour. I have spent the month watching them online, seeing at least some of every show, and following their setlists fairly closely. There seems to be a standard setlist developing, with a little mixing up each night. They have set a very interesting storyline to the show, telling the tale of the early days of the band through both new and old songs.

When I next write a monthly review, at the end of June, I will have seen three or four of the Innocence + Experience shows in Chicago. I say three or four because it will depend on when I actually write the month up, because the fourth show is on June 29, so I’ll be getting back to the hotel very late to write a review to go out in an hour or two. Have to work that out, but in the meantime you can look forward to reviews of the shows, and hopefully I will have some photos and perhaps even some video to post.

This month has been a little difficult to write, I have been running behind on some other writing projects so I have been getting to the U2 stuff very late in the evening at times. I’ve also figured out that I’ve been a little too far ahead on the songs, even though I made a schedule, and I think I’m going to end up with a lot of non-song stuff towards the end of the year.

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:

Love Is Blindness 6

Disappearing Act 8

Rolling Stones Files (book) 3

Blow Your House Down 5

Flower Child 4


Another Time Another Place 4

I'm Not Your Baby 4

Some Days Are Better Than Others 3

Tonight Show 9


Unforgettable Fire (album) 5.5

Zooropa (song) 5

Down All The Days 5

All I Want Is You 9

Wire 4



When Love Comes To Town 6

Innocence + Experience initial thoughts

Mothers Of The Disappeared 7

The Ocean 1

Stranger In A Strange Land 3


City Of Blinding Lights 8

Unknown Caller 5

Heartland 6

The Fly 7

The Joshua Tree 7.8

With Or Without You 9

U2 The Complete Encyclopedia 5

Discotheque 2

Scarlet 2

Last Night On Earth 3