March review

March has been a bit of a transition in the blog. I have been trying to get away from the themes that I had come up with, meaning not trying to mention religion all the time. I had complained a month ago that things were sounding very much the same from day to day, and there’s not much point when you do that. So I’ve been trying to get different ideas into it, and it seems to be working so far. There are places where I will mention a major theme, like religion, when appropriate, but not forcing it in everywhere.

I reviewed 23 songs this month, slightly above my target. I started off the month with a bang, in Moment of Surrender, which ended up being the highest rating I gave all month. Adding in a few low-rated songs, along with some extras like books, a couple of unrated essays about how the band has embarrassed me over the years, and about the soccer kind of football. Plus of course picking on Adam on his birthday. A nice variation on things.

The other thing I did this month, which you won’t see the results of for a while, is that I actually sat down and worked on the list of what to publish for the rest of the year. I’ve said before that U2 have about 250 published songs, which leaves something like 115 days to fill to get to 365. I went through all my idea lists and parsed them all out and came up with my definitive list of what to publish. I have somewhere between 360 and 400 items to publish for the full year. Why the difference? Because the 360 are mostly solid items to write, but I have another 40 or so that are kind of nebulous, and it’s really going to depend on whether I can firm them up or not. One example is the Passengers album, 14 songs that are sort of kind of U2, so I can choose to do each separately or the album just as one review, and pick out a couple of major songs that have truly made it into the U2 corpus. But over the next few months I will develop those ideas further, and pick some of them to put in the confirmed list.

I also did some buying, ordering a few books that I want to review, and a couple of the deluxe albums so that I can get some of the extra songs on them, those unreleased versions and b sides that I’ve been missing from my collection. These will be showing up over the rest of the year. I took that list that I mentioned above, of all the possible reviews, and broke it down into multiple lists. One is the ready to review list, which is what I randomly pull from when I need to pick a topic for the day. Second is a list of specific dates that have meaning to the band or the music, I have listed those and the things that will go with them. If you can think of a particular date that relates to U2, you’ll probably have an idea of what I mean, and when I’ll be writing about something. And the third list, these are the things I’m not quite ready to review - like the new books and songs that I got this month. Need to read and or listen to them a few times so I can get an impression going. Once I do I’ll move them to the ready list.

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:

Moment of Surrender 8

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) 5

North And South Of The River 4

Surrender 3

The Stories Behind Every U2 Song (book) 6

Rejoice 3

Promenade 7

Bullet The Blue Sky 7

The Cry 4

A Celebration 3

Love You Like Mad 2


Adam Clayton

Where Did It All Go Wrong 5

Tower Of Song 6

On The Move (book) 2

California (There Is No End To Love) 3



Trip Through Your Wires 6

Invisible 4

Slow Dancing 4

Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl 3

Fez (Being Born) 2

Ordinary Love 4

Wake Up Dead Man 6

Beautiful Ghost 3

I Fall Down 2

Magnificent 7

U2 And i (book) 8

War 4.7