U2 and magazines

They say you can’t read a book by its cover, but let’s face it, you don’t even look at a book without seeing the cover. When I am browsing through the book store, unless I’m looking for a specific book or at everything in a specific section, I’m looking for covers to attract my attention. Mostly the picture on the cover, occasionally words if they are distinctive, or stand out in some other way.

When I’m looking at magazines I’m doing the same thing, an attractive image or words. When I get into the music section of magazines at the book store, I’m looking for photos of U2 on the cover or the word U2 on the cover. Fortunately U2 is a fairly distinctive word to see, and I may be trained to look for it by now too. Generally U2 will be written in a larger font than other band names, because it is short and because they are the biggest band in the world, and cover designers are smart enough to know that they attract fans.

On the other hand, just because a magazine has U2 on the cover doesn’t mean I will buy it. Often the designers will put U2 on the cover to attract me, but then the article on U2 is a page long and doesn’t have anything new in it. In that case I’ll skip the magazine, and I have to admit that’s the large majority of them. By now I know most stuff that is in a magazine, it is rare for them to be able to tell me anything new any more. It has to be an in-depth item on the band, several pages long, to get me to buy it these days.

All this is to say that I have a fairly modest collection of U2 magazines, I would be surprised if I had a couple of dozen in total. I probably have more books on the band that I have magazines. However, if I google U2 magazine covers, there are a few sites which show tens or hundreds of covers with the band on them (not just the words, but photos). There are many that I haven’t seen, because they are foreign covers which never made it to the US (although a surprising number of foreign magazines do come here). But then there are many that I have, and I am more surprised that I have seen so many of them (although in some cases I suspect I’m conflating, because many of them have used the same photo, or a photo from the same photo session, so they look similar enough).

In my small collection, some stand out as interesting, but you’ve seen them all. But my pride and joy among all the covers I have is the very famous 1987 Time magazine, the Rock’s Hottest Ticket cover. My wife bought me two copies of it on eBay many years ago for a present. The intent was that I would read one of them, and tear off the cover and frame the other. I am sorry to admit that I still have them sitting in a box, waiting for the day that it gets framed (to be fair, I have a lot of things that I am waiting to do, not just this). Maybe I can set it as a goal to get it framed by the end of the year, and share a photo of it.

Yes, late again today. There aren't enough hours in a day any more.