Love Comes Tumbling

Love Comes Tumbling is one of the best rhythm section songs the band has ever recorded, great bass and drums working together. It is one of those songs that you could listen to just for that, and in fact I usually do just leave it running when I want to hear the bass and drums. The problem is that there are times when I don’t want to hear them, by themselves, which is what the rest of the song feels like. The lead guitar is present, just not exceptional or particularly interesting, and there’s little or nothing to the lyrics, which seem to be done with a couple of minutes left in the song. I wonder if this was just music that they put together, then tried to put lyrics over it and didn’t get very far.

Love Comes Tumbling was a b side on The Unforgettable Fire single, then again right after that on Wide Awake In America, ostensibly a live mini EP, but in reality only two of the four songs on it were live. Not sure why they made it, really. Promo thing, I guess. But either way, Love Comes Tumbling got relegated to a b side on both, and that’s about where it deserves to be. There’s a bunch of b sides that I have thought were good enough to get onto their related albums, but this is not one of them. It belongs on the b side at best. The more I write about it the more I realize that I really don’t want to be writing about it, just as I don’t want to be listening to it that much.

There is an alternate lyrics version out there, but although I’ve read the lyrics and can imagine what they sound like, I’ve never heard it. I wonder how it would sound if the two sets of lyrics were combined on one song, might make it a little more interesting. The song is confused, unfocused, various words in that sort of vein. Maybe I just don’t understand what it’s about, which is entirely possible. “All roads lead to where you are” is kind of the theme, could be the title of the song based on my son’s theory that they name each song after the phrase they use the most (which is true, in a very general sort of way, but it was amusing that he said it when he did, because seconds later The Wanderer began and destroyed his theory). The other parts of the song, the verses in this case, they don’t make much sense. I’m going to file this one under poetic license, and not worry about it any more.

Listened to some of New York 3 tonight. Was really irritated, connections were terrible so I had to jump back and forth between Periscope and Mixlr and Meerkat. You’d think a big arena in the biggest city in the world would do better than that. Come on Madison Square Garden.

My rating for Love Comes Tumbling: 2 / 10