Live Live Live

Counting down to the end of the year, I want to take a look at the live show I would want to see. I’m not talking about a particular show from a particular tour, but what I would want if I were choosing the playlist for the show. Some of the songs will be specific versions, but many will not. And one of the problems I have with doing this is that I would really like them to play every single song ever, but I know that’s not possible. So I’m going to limit myself in some way. I’m going to make it eight songs for the first and second half, and two five song encores. This will make it 26 songs, which is a good length for a show (although I might want it to go forever).

Pre-show song: I cheat by putting Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me in here, playing it on the video board, but it’s the version from From The Ground Up, because I really like the “what time is it in the world? Showtime” to open the show and get the crowd jumping (even though I don’t think it has ever been used as an opening song in a show).

First Half:

We start the show proper with Where The Streets Have No Name, the Rattle And Hum version. This is the song I conflict on the most, because it has been played in so many varieties and in so many places in the order, but I think the definitive version is from R&H.

Next is Out Of Control, a great second song.

We continue the early stuff with I Will Follow.

A buzz comes to the crowd when they play The Electric Co.

We slow things down and Bono gets a slight rest as we get The Unforgettable Fire.

Then things start up again with Bullet The Blue Sky.

Bullet naturally pairs with Running To Stand Still, a great combo from Rattle And Hum.

And we keep it slow as the half finishes with Exit.

Intermission: The Fly (I liked the idea of an intermission, and the way they did it with a video). 

Second Half:

Invisible coming back from the intermission worked really well this year, I think, so it stays in.

That jumps us naturally into Until The End Of The World.

Keep jumping, we’re going to see Cedarwood Road next.

Again we slow down as they play All I Want Is You.

AIWIY pairs well with Love Rescue Me, as in the U22 versions.

And of course they both make the mood better when followed by Mysterious Ways.

Speed up again with I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.

Next they play I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For to end the second half, which is a reference to the start of the encore…

First Encore:

Cheating a little here, they surprise us all by coming back and playing Acrobat for the first time.

Then we get political by playing Raised By Wolves.

It naturally rolls into Sunday Bloody Sunday, although there are several versions that could be played here, and I don’t think I want the I+E version to be it.

We have to play Pride (In The Name Of Love) in there next, it keeps the political point going.

And out again with another nice finishing song, Moment Of Surrender.

Second Encore:

Starts with Breathe, another great opener.

We calm things down from here, by going to With Or Without You (with the Shine Like Stars coda).

Then into Bad (any version is great, I don’t know if I can decide between them all).

We keep it slow with some emotion in Walk On.

And One is the finisher (yes I leave out 40, sorry), the crowd singing us out.

Now what did I leave out? Boy oh boy, so much. Many songs could be fit into the plan, some substitutions, some moves. Much of it depends on when the show takes place, of course. The general format is that of the Innocence + Experience tour, at least in the staging. I have ideas for a new stage setup for the band, too (basically an X so they have a main center stage and small stages at each corner they can all go to, together or separately), but that’s not important. What is important is that somehow I get this show to be actually staged at all…