June review

And we hit the halfway point in the year. It’s been an exciting few days here, I’ve seen four U2 shows in the last week, and all of them were fantastic. I’m posting this today, and will post my review of Chicago 4 tomorrow, just so I can keep this in the right month. Needless to say I’m going to rate it highly. Really wish I could stay in town for Chicago 5, but I’m done with the Innocence + Experience tour for this year.

I have had a strong realization these last few weeks, and that is that I am way ahead of schedule on some posts and way behind on others. I’ve mentioned this before, but have done little about it, and now it’s catching up to me. The thing is that too many days so far this year I have taken the easy way out and written a review of a song, rather than a non-song. That means I am running out of songs, and the second half of the year is going to have a much higher ratio of non-songs, as many as a 50-50 split at times. So, keep reading, you might see some things you haven’t heard about before (unless you’re a diehard fan).

As always, if you want to contact me about a particular item, or U2 in general, try the Twitter link below. I don’t enable comments on the site, for the simple reason that blog comments are the bane of the internet. No offense to you, dear reader and U2 fan, but it’s the crap that comes through that causes this. Just the other day I got a notification about a comment on one of my other blogs that I needed to verify. Needless to say it was spam. I do need to say that it has been something like four years since I last posted on that blog. What does that tell you?

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:


Electric Co. 6

Do You Feel Loved 2

New York 4

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 7

Get Up Off Your Knees (book) 5

Crumbs From Your Table 4

Raised By Wolves 5

A Day Without Me 4

Cedarwood Road 8

I Will Follow 8

The Hands That Built America 6

Oh Berlin 7

U2: Faraway So Close (book) 4


Hawkmoon 269 6

Breathe 9

Paul McGuinness

Boy-Girl 3

Rattle And Hum 5.7

Lucifer's Hands 4

The Playboy Mansion 2

Running To Stand Still 8

Achtung Baby: Kindergarten 3

Pre-show Jitters

Chicago 1 10



Chicago 2 10

Chicago Thoughts

U2 online

Chicago 3 10