July Review

I made a list a while back of everything I wanted to review, and somehow I’ve gotten off the numbers on the list. I don’t know if there’s a song that I reviewed but didn’t remove from the to do list, or what. If that’s the case then it’s possible I will review a particular song twice, which I really don’t want to do, because I may end up giving it a 3 one month and a 7 the next. Not likely to be that extreme, but not out of the realms of possibility. I have given a number to every album song (although they sometimes change when I get to them), but not to any of the non-album songs, videos, etc that I have reviewed. For them I come up with a number while I review, based on my feelings as I go through the review. So it’s possible that if I reviewed one of those items twice, I could give two different numbers.

Oh well, we’ll find out as we get further along in the year, won’t we?

It’s hard to believe that a month ago I was in Chicago seeing the shows, as the list below shows. It doesn’t feel like anywhere near that long ago. It might help that I’ve been watching and listening to almost every show on Periscope, Meerkat and Mixlr. There are so many U2 fans out there broadcasting, it’s just fantastic to see. I can’t say that enough.

Watching the show again as I write, I think this is New York 7, the second to last. They announced that they’ll be showing one of the Paris concerts live on HBO in November. I guess I’ll still be watching then, huh?

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:

Chicago 4 10

Chicago Thoughts 2

Even Better Than The Real Thing


Desert Of Our Love 6

Beautiful Day 7

Salome 5

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 9

Achtung Baby 7.4

Unforgettable Fire (song) 7

Friday Night

All Because Of You 5

The Refugee 2

Drowning Man 3

Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark 3

Boomerang I / II 3

A Man And A Woman 5

Get On Your Boots 5

Summer Rain 5

Indian Summer Sky 7

Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2 (book) 6

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 10

Love Comes Tumbling 2

God Part II 5

Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car 3

It Might Get Loud 7

One Step Closer 2

Is That All? 2

Grace 7

Opening Acts