Is That All?

Is That All? is I think the only U2 song that ends with a question mark, and it leaves me with a problem because any time I type the name my computer tries to auto correct the next sentence to begin with a capital letter, even if it isn’t the start of a new sentence. A minor quibble of course, but one that certainly helps me fill out the word count on this song.

The opening of the song is taken from The Cry, although they don’t have the interesting lyrics, the “Somebody cried, somebody died” part, just the music, which is fine in itself. It leads into the rest of the music for this song, which is a little less interesting compared to the intro. Not that it’s bad, it’s just not that interesting. It’s like most of October, which I am on record as saying is one of the weakest U2 albums. Actually this is one of those songs where you say lowest rated song on the weakest album, this has to end up being near the bottom of any U2 ratings. And you would be right about that.

Way too much “is that all” in the lyrics, extremely repetitive, in terms of percentage of words in the song, mainly because there’s only a couple of lines in the verses and everything else is “is that all,” even though it is a very short song. Actually it’s exactly three minutes on the album, but it really doesn’t sound that long. I guess that’s a good thing.

Mild split between the two verses, angry and happy, but the twist is that the first time he says “I’m not angry with you,” while the second time he says “I’m not happy with you.” I actually expected the second to be “I am happy with you,” but as usual Bono turns things just enough to keep it interesting. Okay, not that interesting.

Odd little whistle at the end too. Presumably meant to be in there, but it sounds more like an outtake than anything else. I’m going to stop short of saying that it gives the suggestion of the song being not quite finished, but then again I’m going to say it, because it does imply it is at least a piece of filler that doesn’t help with anything.

Tonight’s show in New York was fun and interesting. I sadly missed the first half of the show, so I missed Two Hearts Beat As One for the first time in 25 years. But I did hear The Troubles, which was the one song on my wish list that I didn’t get to hear in Chicago. And Mother And Child Reunion, segueing into Streets, which has quickly become one of my favorite bits in the tour. Plus One, that restarted a couple of times because the crowd couldn’t clap along with Larry properly (and the hilarious tweet from atu2 that Boston didn’t screw it up). Sounds like a great night, and sooner or later I will stop kicking myself that I’m not there this week.

My rating for Is That All? 2 / 10