In A Little While

I’m not much of a traveler, apart from family events I don’t go very far from home. A quick count would tell me I’ve been out of state maybe ten or so times in the last fifteen years. I think that’s more than many people, some folks never even leave their home town their whole lives. But compared to some it’s not that much. I’ll be heading out in almost exactly two months, to Chicago for several U2 concerts, and that’s my major trip this year. In the meantime, Bono will have traveled many thousands of miles - with broken shoulder - and have many more to go.

The point? That my reading of In A Little While is that it is a love song, about a person who is far away from his love, but who will be home sometime soon. I think of Bono sitting in a hotel room somewhere, or on a plane, and dreaming of being home with Ali and the rest of his family. I remember where there was a tour or two of Europe where they would be in and out of the concert city, on the plane back home as soon as they could between concerts. Easy to do when you’re a couple of hours flying time from home, not when you’re on another continent. Although I do seem to think they did something similar in the US, where they would fly back to New York between shows.

Also the rocket ship into the sky, took a big focus during 360, where they would pretend that the stage was a rocket, and also they would talk to the guys up on the space station. I did enjoy that, although it would have been more effective if it wasn’t on tape (and that would have been way more expensive in both time and money, for them to stop what they were doing in space to talk to U2). Frank DeWynne, a name that will live in history, not for his work in space, but for being on a U2 show. After all, how many other astronauts can you name? Not too many of them reach that level of fame without doing something spectacular (Chris Hadfield, anyone?).

Interesting that the song starts on the right side only, and stays that way for quite a bit of the song. In fact, I was just playing it with only the left ear plugged in, and I was like “what the heck is this?” because all I was getting was the drum track. It took a few seconds to realize that the guitar was playing on the other side, which was hanging down my shirt. I can’t say I’ve noticed that split as being so markedly different in other songs. There are songs which play and sound like they’re moving from one side to the other, but not where they’re broken apart and then come together (hey, and writing that line makes me think of the song’s theme, of being apart).

My rating for In A Little While: 4 / 10