The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Still haven’t watched The Million Dollar Hotel, although it is on the list for sometime later in the year. I guess I ought to get on with it at some point, huh? I bring it up because The Ground Beneath Her Feet comes from the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack, and quite possibly has some meaning from the movie that I don’t know because I haven’t seen it. So consider this review a review of the song, and potentially changeable depending on the movie.

Interesting twangy music at the start (and scattered throughout), which seems to stop when Bono sings, I guess because we want to hear what he has to say. I’ve said before about them turning up his microphone to make him be heard better, which you can clearly hear compared to other bands, where you often can’t hear the words (or comprehend them in the case of Shane MacGowan, see a couple of days ago). The rest of the music seems to be fairly standard U2, there’s some drums in the back, a little bass, and the guitar dominating. The twang from the start pops up and down through the song, and not much else in there to attract attention. Somewhat generic, I guess, kind of dull. Not bad, just not interesting. Maybe if I listened to it a hundred times I might like it, as I’ve suggested has happened to me before. Side note: I’ve been listening to a lot of Arcade Fire at work the last few days, and I have to admit some of their songs have grabbed me quite quickly, and others have grown on me. So it’s not just U2 that happens with.

Okay, I just made the mistake of going and reading the Wikipedia page for the song, before writing the rest of this. Since it says that the song was written by Salman Rushdie in one of his novels, I guess that’s going to color my review. Not that I have anything against Rushdie, but rather that knowing the lyrics were not written by Bono, makes it a little different. Would have been interesting to think about it as written by Bono, then discover Rushdie wrote it and see if that changed anything. Oh well, a little too late for that.

Now I don’t know what to think about the song. Reading the lyrics, I don’t know what they’re about. Going underground to rescue someone? Bringing them back up and putting them on the ground? Reminds me of the words from 40, “he lifted me up out of the pit… he set my feet upon a rock.” Don’t know. Don’t know context from the book or the movie.

And yeah, I guess I never saw the music video for the song, which I just went and watched. I can’t say that it shed much light on the song, or even much on the movie. Was some of it a spoiler for the movie? Even that’s hard to tell. It just seems like a mishmash of things going on, in the song and the video. Doesn’t entice me to watch the movie any quicker though.

My rating for The Ground Beneath Her Feet: 2 / 10