Friday Night

No, not a U2 song. Just tonight. Sitting here listening to Mixlr, listening to Boston 1, and having an amazing time doing so. Just making me think back a little, realize how lucky I am to have seen the tour four times, how much I want to see some more of it, either this year or as many times as possible next year (in an arena, not a stadium, please). 

Right at the end now, they just finished Streets, and now the start of One. “You can sing this” Bono just said, and the crowd obliges. We did that in Chicago, but I thought that was just because he had bronchitis and his voice was giving out at the end. But now he’s turned it into a crowd chant, doesn’t yet have the feeling that 40 does, but I bet if they keep this up it will. It’s such a great song, I’ve debated whether it’s the right song to end on, but I now think it is.

And another tribute to Dennis Sheehan, make me want to cry again. And they finish on 40 ,so I’m wrong that One will end it. This is live blogging folks, or at least writing live while it happens.

Two shows in a row with Shine Like Stars, I have to admit that both times (Toronto 2 and Boston 1) I have felt like crying listening to it, even though I’m a thousand miles away. It just feels like the Holy Grail for U2 fans now, something that’s only been sung half a dozen times since the Joshua Tree era. I’m so jealous that we didn’t get it in Chicago, but so happy to hear it at all.

This blog, that I’ve been writing every day for a little over six months, has now and then felt a bit like work, and there have been occasions when I’ve half thought that I should quit. Basically a couple of weeks into January I thought that, but pushed through, and then again a couple of months in, round about the beginning of March. I stuck with it though, and slowly found myself looking forward to it each day, trying to decide what to write that day. When the tour began, I was energized, watching large chunks of the shows on various apps, and following a whole bunch of people and hashtags on Twitter. That pushed me forward in the writing again, and that has carried through to today. For the last few weeks, basically since Denver I think, I have watched or listening to most shows, with the exception of Chicago which I attended in person of course. It’s really been a boost, and even though I’m watching the same thing over and over, each night feels fresh, feels like there’s something different going to happen, and it has, like Shine Like Stars. It’s great.

In summary, if you haven’t seen the show live yet, you really should watch it online. Unless you can get to a show, or you’re avoiding spoilers (I don’t know how that’s possible these days, you’d have to shut yourself off social media for a couple of months). And much as I wish I could be in Boston, or New York next week, I know that work won’t let me get away (and I’ve been daydreaming a way to quit my job and follow the band). But I’m also looking forward to when they’re in Europe, and I can watch the shows while I’m at work. It’s going to be great.