Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son is a song by Credence Clearwater Revival that U2 covered, and released on the back of the Wild Horses CD. In terms of U2 covers this isn’t bad, although I don’t think it stands out that much. I don’t see it as being that good, it didn’t inspire me to go and check out anything else by CCR or John Fogerty, as so many other songs the band covered has caused me to do. I had to go check out Fogerty on Wikipedia to remind myself what he’d sung, and as I thought I’d heard of several of his songs. A very middle of the road musician I think, which makes me wonder about the choice of this song to be sung by U2. I think it has the political leaning that they like, which was probably enough for them to be interested in it. CCR has a little bit of a cachet in history though, so maybe it’s okay. The song itself, nice and bouncy, but nothing much to grab you really.

The song was talking about rich people in the Vietnam era, where they were getting their kids out of any kind of military duty or the possibility of having to go to war. The idea being that if you have skin in the game - your kid’s life - you will act differently as a leader. Well, you saw all these kids of politicians ducking out of any chance of being drafted, and funnily enough so many of them came back thirty and forty years later and were now the leaders. I’m thinking of a certain president and vice president, of course. And when they became the leaders they did the exact same thing - actions without any kind of consequence. Their parents taught them a great lesson, didn’t they?

And really now I’ve answered my own question about why U2 would cover this song.

Lots happening in Sweden today. Putting this here as a little kind of a diary. First of all the show was cancelled, because there was some kind of problem. Many rumors, nothing official that I can tell. First report was there was a problem with the ticket machines. Then it was reported that there was a bomb threat. Then that a man had pretended to be a cop and got in with a gun, which makes no sense at all (I’m a cop, so let me in with this gun). And reports that there was a credible threat against a specific person, which the world has assumed means Bono. Whatever the story, it’s kind of weird but at least everyone is safe. And I am reminded of the time there was a threat against Bono in Arizona many years ago, but the show went on. And during whatever song it was where they had speculated the threat would happen, Bono was singing with his eyes closed - presuming that the shot would come - and when the song ended he opened his eyes and Adam was standing in front of him, ready to take the bullet. Now that’s friendship.

My rating for Fortunate Son: 3 / 10