Films Of Innocence

Films Of Innocence was a release of videos for Songs Of Innocence, apparently U2 had commissioned a bunch of artists to make these videos, then put them together to make the film. Never heard of any of them, except maybe the first.

Oliver Jeffers does Every Breaking Wave, I think he’s the guy that did the Ordinary Love video, and he uses similar techniques, with stop motion, moving around a bunch of pieces. It looks good, but it gets more interesting when you start seeing the process he used, and then even better when you see them painting a mural on a wall. I guess I’m a sucker for seeing the behind the scenes stuff, as I’ve mentioned it several times this year with the band.

Next is Robin Rhode with Every Breaking Wave, fun, again with the animation, but a little more literal for the song (holding a surfboard at the start for example), although I do like the surfing on the wall.

DFace with California, entirely computer animated, weird driving scene, didn’t understand or like it much at all.

Mode2 does Song For Someone, back to live action and closeups of the painting process. Similar to the first video in the way they hide the result until the end, but in this case we never seem to see the full final picture. I really liked this one except for that.

Chloe Early brings us Iris, and Ron Weasley, who is taking a walk through nature, happy as he can be, at least until we get to the end and it appears he has drowned himself (sorry, spoiler alert). I know it’s a slightly dark song, but that was really creepy. Disappointed in it.

Ganzeer has Volcano, again animated, at least this time we see Bono, or at least a cartoon of him, and they also seem to follow the lyrics, which is a first. But not that great, about average I think.

Raised By Wolves is by Vhils, and amazingly enough features wolves. I like this one, they get to the explosion (not following along with the song, but sort of), and it explodes and shows a pattern and that was really well done.

Then Cedarwood Road, by Maser, and it starts psychedelic, then switches into interesting. I think I saw something once that showed how they were doing those lights, not just computer generated, but I may be wrong about that. But if this is the result, I like it, artistic and interesting having lights crawling all around Dublin.

ROA does Sleep Like A Baby Tonight, cartoony and dinosaurs, another not like (biased because of the song though).

This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now by DALeast, this is the story of a homeless vandal. At least he does good art. I’ve always wanted to find and explore an old abandoned building though. 

Todd James with The Troubles, one of my favorites. Reminds me of Keith Haring somehow. Another video following the lyrics a little, oddly compelling.

Overall I liked these videos. Different takes on things, some better than others, but all interesting in their own way. I also like the idea, a collaboration on a grand scale. This is broken up by each different song, but imagine if it was a whole movie directed in this way, with each scene taking a different direction. That could be cool, or it could be confusing.

My rating for Films Of Innocence: 5 / 10