February review

End of the second month. Still going, although not necessarily strong. Lately I’ve been feeling a little samey in my reviews, that you could mix and match several of them this month and get the same result. Is it me, or is it the songs? Sometimes its hard to write something fresh about a song you know little about, and that no-one else has written much about either.

There’s also been a few days recently where I’ve gotten a late start on a review, and had to get it out quickly to meet the daily deadline. Hopefully you haven’t noticed a drop in quality (or worse, a raise in quality). I haven’t been able to stay ahead this month, too many others things going. By coincidence one of the blogs I read is celebrating his  thirteenth anniversary today, thirteen years of blogging every single day. Technically, there’s been a few days where someone else has filled in for him, but still, how am I complaining about just two months?

This month I got 21 songs in, which is exactly where I should be on a monthly basis. Add in the start of the albums (with Boy and October), the Superbowl, a book and a couple of movies, and this monthly post rounds us out at 28. And yet I still feel like I should have done more non-song reviews than I did. Yet I’m not sure what else I should have done instead.

As for the songs, last month I said I had more highs and lows than average songs, so I should catch up eventually. Sure enough, there were many average rated songs this month, which might explain my dilemma above, where everything seems kind of boring for a while. But I did end up with a couple of good songs - and one great - as well as a few bad.

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:


The Superbowl 8

Jesus Christ 5

Boy 5.2

Staring At The Sun 6

Falling At Your Feet 3

Stranded (Haiti, Mon Amour) 2

Into The Heart 4

North Side Story (book) 5

A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel 6

Deep In The Heart 2

One Tree Hill 6

Levitate 5

When I Look At The World 4

U2 3D (movie) 9

Helter Skelter 5

Satellite Of Love 4

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 7

No Line On The Horizon (song) 7

Every Breaking Wave (film) 6

Volcano 2

Seconds 4

October (album) 3.5

This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now 4

Maggie's Farm 3

Mysterious Ways 9

White As Snow 2

Song For Someone 5