Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love came as part of a pair of covers on the b side of All I Want Is You, along with Unchained Melody. U2 played it fast and furious, with a whole lot of lead guitar to start, and later on the bass kicking in and making it interesting. 

I will confess that although I vaguely knew the original song, by Robert Knight (I originally wrote the Everley Brothers, but I was apparently conflating the Righteous Brothers and Unchained Melody), I couldn’t have thought of and then compared the two versions. I assume the song has been covered a million times, by a million different bands, and I don’t know why U2 covered it other than having a feeling at the time of the Joshua Tree tour that they were playing that kind of music for fun.

Like I said Everlasting Love and Unchained Melody go together for me, they were released at the same time and I used to loop the All I Want Is You CD over and over again, listening to the three songs (technically four, because there were two versions of All I Want Is You) for hours at a time. I don’t know if I have listened to this CD more than any other, it has the advantage of being short, which means that compared to albums I could have listened to it two or three times as many times. Of course I listened to it so much before I had computers to play it on, so I couldn’t even look up the number of plays as a stat. But I wouldn’t be surprised if these were the most played b sides I’ve had.

A little googling and Youtubing has me somewhat confused on this song. Above I wrote Robert Knight, who was the first to sing the song, but I checked it on Youtube and it didn’t sound like the song I remembered. I looked at the Carlton Cole version, and again not quite the same. Running through a bunch of versions from different singers, none of them remind me of the song I remember from growing up, so I don’t know what it was. And yes, I did watch through the version with the couple singing a duet, the guy looking just like a 70s tennis star of some kind.

I said at the start that it has a lot of guitar, and that’s true. Edge (I assume, it could be Bono) doing a lot of strumming at the start, and it sounds like something I could do myself. The song for the first minute or more is all guitar, lyrics, and maybe a snare drum in the background. Then you get to that point where Adam jumps in with the bass, and it really starts to go good. But then for some reason they go back to the original, although Adam hangs around in the back playing quietly. I much prefer it when it is Adam leading in the song, it sounds good and makes me wonder how much could be added when you have a bass playing lead.

And I do like the really fast and high-pitched guitar at the end.

My rating for Everlasting Love: 4 / 10