End of the road

Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? (Might have been a better reference on Monday than today) No, of course not, it’s not the end of the road, it’s not even the End Of The World. We’re just taking a little break, letting them dream it all up again, re-energize, maybe release the new album and then get out there. Yep. That’s exactly what’s going to happen next year. I guarantee it. Bono guarantees it. Pretty sure he’s told us the exact release date already, right? Although I hear he can’t be trusted with dates.

Okay, so the HBO show on Monday night was great, except for the bittersweet part where it was the finish of the 2015 legs of the Innocence + Experience Tour. I will admit that I loved that they brought Eagles Of Death Metal out to end the show, singing People Have The Power and then leaving the stage so that Eagles could sing one of their own songs. I loved it, but I also disliked it. Great tribute, a great moment, but I would have rather had U2 finish their own tour, and I would rather have had Patti Smith on stage for People Have The Power. She did the night before, and once before on the tour, and it was great. Wish it could have finished that way. If the rumor that the HBO show will become the video for the tour, then the EODM ending isn’t quite as good as you would want. It is extremely topical, related to this moment in time. I prefer the timeless shows, the ones that don’t date themselves. Heck, even the stuff just after 9/11 doesn’t seem that dated, because it was One, a forever song, and because it was about 9/11, an event that continues to reverberate to this day. Not sure we will say the same about Paris in a few years (remember the London bombings? Or Mumbai? Or Moscow? Not so much for a US audience).

But the tour is over, and things will get back to normal here and there. The band will do what I suggested in the first paragraph, and we’ll have a tour next year sometime. Will it be the same show? I hope not, I loved this tour but I’d like to see something new. Will it be in arenas, or in stadiums (I refuse to say stadia)? I really love the intimacy of the arena tour. I just hope they come down Texas way next year. Actually, I sat watching last night (and following a bunch of people on Twitter during the show), and I began daydreaming about quitting my job and going on tour with the band. I don’t know how feasible that really is (not at all), but I will go see the shows that I can. I got lucky this year, I happened to be in Chicago the week U2 was there. Hint to the band: next year I will be at a convention in Miami at the end of July. Just, you know, if you’re scheduling things right now. And don’t forget Texas, I’ve gone to Houston and Austin shows before, I will definitely do that again, just get here.

A great tour, perhaps my favorite U2 tour ever (along with all the others). Let’s keep it going if we can.