Endless Deep

I can’t place my finger on what Endless Deep reminds me of. There are bits and pieces within the song that make me think “Oh, that’s music from…” and then I can’t fill in the end of the sentence. But I somehow get it several times during the song, and I don’t know what it is. It’s killing me not to know.

The song shouldn’t really be in here, or perhaps it should have been in the Instrumentals page I did a while back. But I’m adding it, and for one reason only. That’s because a couple of days ago I covered Your Blue Room, which features a few lines sung by Adam, and the random number generator today pulled out Endless Deep, which is I believe the only other song that Adam ever sang on. Sang on being a little bit of a stretch, because there are exactly two lines in the entire song, “where do we go from here?” repeated twice. I’m not sure why he sings them either. That line came from With A Shout, so maybe that’s where I’m thinking of the music from. And why he sang that line right there, I also don’t know.

And that’s why it’s mostly an instrumental, and thus gets a low rating. The song was a throwaway, put on the b side of the Two Hearts Beat As One single, and barely noticeable there. Not one of those b sides which take off and make a name for themselves, although somehow it did get onto the Best Of 1980-1990 b sides. Maybe they needed to fill some space on that CD as well, I can’t imagine why else it would get on there.

Speaking of filler, one of the reasons to not cover instrumentals as individual songs is that there’s usually not much to say about them, and here I am, stuck at the end of a review with a couple of hundred words to go and nothing else to say about the song. This is what it must feel like when you’re trying to fill in those spaces at the end of an album, or rather on the b sides of the singles, and you don’t have anything to go on them. You head to the trashcan, take a look at the stuff that you randomly recorded during your sessions, and you say hey, here’s a piece that doesn’t sounds like complete junk. Or maybe you say hey, here’s a couple of minutes of something that sounds vaguely like a continuous piece of music, not just a bunch of stops and starts. But someone says well, there’s a little bit of Adam talking in the middle, he’s asking where we’re going to eat dinner once we’ve done with the session, how are we going to get rid of that? Then Bono listens to it, and says hey, that reminds me of a song from the last album, let’s leave it on there and see if anyone notices. And so they do.

And that’s how you fill in the last couple hundred words in a review.

My rating for Endless Deep: 1 / 10