Electrical Storm

My son though the title of this song - based on what he heard - was “Electric Toaster,” and now every time it comes on he and/or my wife will say “here’s electric toaster.” The sad thing is that thought has somehow stuck in my head and I think it way too often for my own liking.

The song was originally released as an off-track, just a random single released for the heck of it. Okay, truth is they wrote it as a single for the Best Of 1990-2000 album, which is kind of weird to put out. I mean, if it’s the best of that decade, how are you putting a brand new song on it? You don’t know if it’s going to be one of the best ofs. Because of all this the song never made it onto an album, although the quality was certainly good enough to get it there. I guess it was left over from the All That You Can’t Leave Behind sessions, and it definitely sounds like much of the rest of that album. It would have been a good fit on there somewhere, although I don’t know which other song would have to be left out so that it could get on (given the days when they had to make room for all of the songs on a CD, which isn’t required nowadays, although somehow they still stick to that process. In fact they still release albums, which doesn’t necessarily make sense either. I mean, why not finish and release each song by itself? I guess you sometimes want to have a theme going, but who wouldn’t want to get a new U2 song every month? I’d pay for it. If I was a band that would be an interesting way to go, wouldn’t it?)

When I was first listening to the single, it was okay, a little interesting but nothing great. It wasn’t, as always, until I heard it live that I realized it was an amazing song. The version on From The Ground Up really gets me, it sounds just so good. I actually think it’s the bass, which is weird. It’s one of those songs that they start playing lightly, just guitar and drums, quiet as you like, and it’s almost a minute and a half into the song when the bass kicks on, and then it sounds amazing. I really do like this, its its in my live collection as one of the better songs there.

The video makes very little sense to me. So Larry went in the ocean and pulled out a mermaid and all her stuff? Then for reasons unknown they just argued and the mermaid went back into the ocean? Really? What’s the point of that? Other than to get Larry a lot of screen time, which isn’t a bad thing since he’s always in the back of the group. You get a very little Adam and Edge in this video, and maybe it’s time for Adam to get his own video to star in?

Today is day 265, which leaves 100 days of reviews to write. I have plans for many, but I’m also running out of stuff to write about on short notice, which means things may be starting to get weird around here. Digging into the oddball stuff that I haven’t covered yet, it’s going to be interesting. Or not.

My rating for Electrical Storm: 7 /  10