Do You Feel Loved

It’s funny but this song is one I haven’t listened to in a long time, I don’t remember certain parts of it at all. Of all the songs I have listened to for reviews this year, this is the first one that has made me think that way. It is such a nothing song that it has just dropped out of my mind. The very high “do you feel loved” part is pretty much the main thing I remember from the song, words that bounce around in my head every so often, don’t know what the trigger is for that. Much of the rest of it is just different kinds of noise, and often not even very good noise either.

I didn’t remember the opening fifteen seconds, which sound like a completely different song. Then they kick into the electronic stuff and that opening sound is pushed to the back, and it all takes off in a different direction, which is a shame because that start actually sounds quite interesting.

There’s a couple of verses saying “Take these…” and that is a phrase that came back around several years later when they released Yahweh, because it uses the exact same words. I guess either it stuck in Bono’s mind (even though it didn’t stick in mine), or he subconsciously brought it back up again, or maybe he was trying to finish this song in some way.

The song is obviously about sex, quite descriptive in parts, if you were to split off a few of the verses (basically the non-“take the” verses) it would be kind of a narrative of a couple having sex. The title “do you feel loved” ends up making you think about a relationship of course, but the interesting line in the song is “stick together, a man and a woman,” which is both referring to the title, as in stay together, but also to the actual sex act again. 

The one mystery to me is the title, which doesn’t have a question mark at the end. I actually had to check the title in iTunes to make sure it doesn’t have a question mark, because obviously it should. Or should it? Does leaving off the question mark turn it from a question to a statement? If you listen to the way Bono sings the line, you can’t even say that there should be a question mark there, because he doesn’t quite have that lift at the end that would turn it into a question. It certainly does sound more like a statement when he sings it that way. So why is it not a question? It’s kind of like the “do I not like that” phrase (google it), which the question mark changes a little, I think. So too with the song title, which could take on different meanings when read either way.

The song kind of dies out at the end, which is kind of an appropriate phrase for this song. The whole thing kind of dies out, or perhaps it was a mercy killing. They only played it live half a dozen times, which usually means they couldn’t figure how to play it live, or they just didn’t get a reaction from the audience for it. Not surprised about that.

My rating for Do You Feel Loved: 2 / 10