Deep In The Heart

So we go from Into The Heart to A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel to Deep In The Heart as the last three songs. Lots of hearts in there, and I swear they came out at random. There’s at least a couple more U2 songs with Heart in the title, what are the odds they’ll show up soon? And somehow I get the feeling that we’re stuck in the late 80s b sides, but that’s only because of yesterday’s song, A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel, which is the only one in the last week or so.

The lyrics on Deep In The Heart are a mishmash, they’re not only unclear but obviously wrong even on the U2 website. It could be the version I’m listening to, which is off the deluxe edition, not the b side of Still Haven’t Found where it originally came from (still not sure if I should capitalize the B in b side, or if even people know what a B side is any more).

The first few seconds of the song (actually at about 0:12) gives a guitar sound that sounds like the beginning of Bullet The Blue Sky, I wonder if that’s where that came from? It’s the right era at least, presumably they took it from one song to the other like they have done many times in the past.

This is an unmemorable song, the only part that ever sticks with me is the phrase “Deep in the heart,” which springs to mind on a fairly regular basis. The rest of it is just fuzzy at the best of times, even the rest of the line, “Deep in the heart of this place,” the last three words just blank out of my memory. The occasional Bono wailing doesn’t help the song much. The music is nondescript, once again I read that Edge and Adam were just noodling around and they got recorded, and that became the final sound for the song, without any editing, retakes or anything like that. I have to say it again, the raw stuff like that is never any good, it needs time to be worked on to get to a good finish.

I think that even in these early stages of reviews, I am seeing a pattern that you would expect to see. That is, the songs that were chosen as B sides are nowhere near as good as the songs that made it onto an album. Obvious, you would say. There have already been signs of a few mistakes, some songs that as B sides were really good, and some songs that were on an album when the B was better. Of course, in the case of something like The Joshua Tree, in the band’s most fertile period, there were many really good songs that couldn’t make the album and ended up as Bs, while some of the weaker albums might have barely enough to fill it up.

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My rating for Deep In The Heart: 2 / 10